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Just Because the Caregiving Has Ended Doesn’t Mean Stress Is Over

By Christy Swadkins | Aug 31, 2018

Life is challenging. Just about everywhere you turn is another challenge. It could be a teenager who is rebelling and fighting for independence.

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The Stress of Looking After an Aging Parent Could Lead to Health Issues

By Kyle Laramie | Aug 22, 2018

Many people understand how stress affects health. However, we may not fully comprehend how it can increase the risk of various ailments including; heart attacks, strokes, and more. Many of us have a pretty good idea that it can negatively impact a person’s health and well-being.   If the stress of being a caregiver is…

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Giving Yourself ‘First-Aid’ When You Feel Ready to Break (as a Caregiver)

By Andy Niska | Jul 25, 2018

Perhaps when you first started looking after this family member in need, you thought it would be a short-term situation. It might have been your mother or father or maybe even your spouse. This individual may have been injured in an accident. It might have been a medical emergency like a heart attack that landed…

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A Senior Needing Help May Be Ornery, but It Could Be Due to a Loss of Control: As a Caregiver, This Can Increase Stress

By Greg Banks | Jun 20, 2018

Jared is not the kind of man who had been accustomed to asking for help. He was a fiercely independent person who took care of his family, was there for his friends whenever they needed help, and was a great shoulder to lean on. In his 80s, he was having extreme difficulty with mobility, doing various tasks around the house, maintaining his home, and even going shopping. He asked an adult child in the area for help, and though he didn’t consider her a caregiver, that’s exactly what she became.

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