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Reduce Hospital Readmissions

Why Pay Attention to Hospital Readmissions for Mom: After All, It Was Just Minor Surgery

Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates in Galloway NJ: Your mother may be in her 70s and she’s going in for minor surgery. She may be required to stay in the hospital for a couple of days following this as long as everything goes along smoothly. You expect her doctor to be positive about her prognosis and the future, and are quite surprised when she recommends that your mother has proper care and support when she’s discharge.

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Three Ways to Inspire Dad to Push Through His Recovery

Reducing Hospital Readmission Rates in Cheney WA: Three Ways to Inspire Dad

If your father has been hospitalized recently, he may be facing a potentially lengthy recovery process. There may be times when he wants to give up. There very well might be a situation in which he feels there’s no point in working with a physical therapist, exercising, and doing other things important to the recovery…

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3 Ways a Home Care Aide Can Help Mom Recovery


It was a great relief when your mother was discharged from the hospital. This might have followed her hospitalization due to a stroke, heart attack, major surgery, or injuries she sustained in a slip and fall accident. Whatever caused her to be hospitalized in the first place, her doctor has probably recommended she have support at least for the first few days, weeks, or months when she is sent home.

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