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Is There a Way to Gauge the Care and Support a Senior with Alzheimer’s Receives, Especially When Memory Loss Is Significant?

By Tracy Clark | Jul 23, 2018

A senior has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s will be going through many challenges. As the disease progresses, the signs and symptoms will become much more significant. There will come a time when that senior has difficulty keeping track of not just what’s been going on throughout the day, but who their family and friends are,…

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It’s Time to Think Long-Term When Someone Is Dealing with Alzheimer’s

By Lynn at Interim | Jun 20, 2018

Being formally diagnosed with Alzheimer’s is not an easy thing to handle. Some people seem to shut down, become quiet, withdrawn, and just don’t want to talk about it with family and friends. Others can become angry and frustrated. It is, in a manner of speaking, and incredibly frightening time for them and others.

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When Dad Keeps Asking About Your Mother Who Passed Years Ago, What Do You Tell Him?

By Kyle Laramie | May 17, 2018

Your mother passed away years ago. Your father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and is having an extremely difficult time as of late. He keeps asking about her, wanting to see her, and wondering when she’ll be home. At first, the pain of having to relive those moments was hurtful but you told him the truth.…

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Adding Some Fun to Life for an Aging Senior, Even After Being Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Could Also Pay Dividends in the Years to Come

By Greg Banks | Apr 27, 2018

Alzheimer’s Care in Galloway NJ: How much fun can a person have when he or she is recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or some other type of dementia? The question almost seems absurd, but when you sit down and actually think about it, it’s an important one to consider.

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What Now? After an Alzheimer’s Diagnosis, a Feeling of Loss Can be Common

By Susan Di Michele | Apr 9, 2018

Michael didn’t exactly know what to do. He hadn’t really expected to hear that word: Alzheimer’s. When his doctor sat there, at his desk, in his office, looking at Michael and his wife, he knew what was coming. He went through a lengthy series of tests and exams, and most of them were specifically designed…

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Providing Comfort for Someone with Dementia When They’re in the Hospital

By Christy Swadkins | Mar 30, 2018

Alzheimer’s Care in Las Vegas NV: Dealing with Alzheimer’s is difficult enough in a person’s home. When they’re in the hospital, wake up and are confused, it can be overwhelming.

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A Simple Activity Like Taking a Drive Can Be Beneficial for a Senior with Alzheimer’s

By Andy Niska | Mar 26, 2018

Mildred was 73 when she began noticing something changing. Her mind wasn’t as sharp is it had been throughout her life. She would often stop, look around, and struggle to figure out what it was she was looking for. She didn’t notice it at the time, but some of her friends began commenting on her…

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A Cure for Alzheimer’s Isn’t Here Yet, but That Doesn’t Mean Seniors Have to ‘Accept’ This New Reality in Full

By Walter L. Black, MBA, CSA | Mar 23, 2018

Alzheimer’s Care Germantown TN-A person diagnosed with alzheimer’s doesn’t have to completely accept what will happen in the years ahead in order to still be safe and even begin building the foundation for more comfort in the years to come.

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