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Home Care Is a Great Option for Seniors with Dementia

By Kyle Laramie | Nov 8, 2017

Dementia can affect people of many different age groups, but there is a greater risk as people get older. When a person has been diagnosed with any form of dementia, which can include Alzheimer’s, at first it may seem practical that a spouse or other family member can be their primary caregiver, looking after them…

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Even the Kindest Souls Can Change with Alzheimer’s

By Christy Swadkins | Oct 30, 2017

Mary had always been one of the kindest, sweetest, friendliest women people can meet. Just about everywhere she went she had friends, a smile for them, and made people feel comfortable.

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When Will You Know If Alzheimer’s Is Progressing?

By Susan Di Michele | Oct 9, 2017

Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease. This means the various signs and symptoms will get more significant in the months and years ahead. It essentially progresses through various stages, including the middle and later stages where home care support and more around-the-clock care will absolutely be necessary. Some families take a ‘wait and see’ approach. They…

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How Can You Help Mom Make the Changes Necessary to Support Your Father Who Has Alzheimer’s?

By Andy Niska | Sep 26, 2017

As your father continues to deal with the earliest effects of Alzheimer’s, including the diagnosis that can be overwhelming to accept, you might be taking steps to help your mother prepare for the future. There are many changes that will likely begin occurring around their house. The more proactive your mother is and the more…

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The Benefits of Learning Technology When Alzheimer’s Has Been Diagnosed

By Walter L. Black, MBA, CSA | Sep 25, 2017

Alzheimer’s Care Arlington TN-By learning about technology, how to use a computer for the first time, or even how to connect with others through video teleconferencing can stimulate the mind and that can slow down the progression of memory loss, at least to some degree (Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation).

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What Will Alzheimer’s Care Look Like in 10 Years?

By William Butler | Aug 31, 2017

Alzheimer’s Care in Terrell TX: Modern society is changing so fast even the most advanced digital technology from 10 years ago is obsolete. Can it really be that smart phones were not in existence just 10 years ago?

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Taking the Right Steps When Alzheimer’s Progresses

By Tracy Clark | Aug 11, 2017

Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease. That means the signs and symptoms of it are going to become more significant each passing year. While adequate support can be highly effective at maintaining quality of life and encouraging the senior to stay motivated, when family is the primary support, the challenges they face will increase. It’s important…

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Concerns Some Families Have About a Loved One with Alzheimer’s

By Denise Moser | Jul 27, 2017

A spouse or another family member may feel it’s their responsibility to look after a senior loved one with dementia, but the challenges they face are probably going to be far greater than they can imagine.

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