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Alzheimer’s Care in Galloway NJ: What to Know About Home Care Options When an Aging Parent Is Diagnosed with Dementia

Alzheimer's Care in Galloway NJ: What to Know About Home Care Options When an Aging Parent Is Diagnosed with DementiaDealing with an elderly parent or somebody else in your family who has recently been diagnosed with dementia is not going to be easy. It can feel overwhelming at times. You might be extremely frustrated. You may even throw your hands up in disgust, ready to give up, mostly because this person either isn’t listening to you, isn’t heeding your advice, or seems to be hostile and belligerent more frequently lately.

Verbal and physical abuse can increase as dementia progresses.

Dementia, such as Alzheimer’s, is a progressive disease for which there is no current cure. The signs and symptoms are going to progressively grow more significant, making the challenges of living greater and putting more pressure on family and friends who might be providing the primary source of support.

When memory loss, confusion, and possibly even aggressive behaviors increase, it can feel overwhelming. That’s where home care options become so important.

There’s a lot to understand about home care options when somebody has been diagnosed with any type of dementia. Let’s talk about a few key points now.

First, experience makes a difference.

The more experience a home care aide has in supporting people with dementia and other similar conditions, the more likely they have wonderful strategies that can provide comfort and peace of mind not only to their clients, but their family and friends as well.

Second, it’s far more affordable than a facility.

Some people look to facilities to place their aging family members who have been diagnosed with dementia, but home care is still a far more affordable option. In fact, compared to nursing home care, full time home care support can be less than half the cost of the alternative low-quality care a person might receive at a nursing home.

Third, staying at home provides more comfort.

In most cases, aging men and women prefer to remain in the comfort of their own home, despite the challenges they might face along the way. The longer a person has lived in the same house, the more familiar they are with their surroundings, their furniture, stairs, the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and so on.

This increased level of comfort can reduce stress and anxiety which is often directly associated with both verbal and physical outbursts associated with dementia.

Looking into home care options as early as possible, soon after diagnosis, is the best choice to make. The senior may not wish to rely on a home care aide at first, but they need to be honest about how things will progress and become more challenging in the months and years ahead.

Angel Alliance Caregivers of Galloway, NJ is dedicated to helping seniors maintain full, independent lives where they most desire to live: in the comfort of their own homes. Call us at (609) 965-0028.

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