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Ways to Improve Safety for a Senior When You Can’t Be There

Living so far away from an aging parent or somebody else you care about who is getting ‘up there’ in age can be difficult. This is exacerbated when you’re fully aware of the safety issues they face, whether you’ve talked about it honestly with them yet or not. You may feel as though there’s little you can do because you live hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

Senior Home Safety in Richmond Hill Canada: Improving Safety When You Can't Be There

Senior Home Safety in Richmond Hill Canada: Improving Safety When You Can’t Be There

In truth, you can help to improve safety from a distance.

First, talk about your concerns. If you’ve noticed something during a recent visit, let that elderly person know what you saw and witnessed. They may have slipped while walking up the stairs. They might have tried to get out of the recliner, fell back into it, and took their time getting back up.

Whatever it is, talk about it honestly. Present your observations without condemnation or judgment. Ask them what might have happened in that particular situation. Also ask them if they have fallen or had a close call recently.

Second, discuss cost-effective home improvements or modifications.

Installing a stair lift may seem like a major renovation, but they are incredibly beneficial for those who live in a house with stairs. This could be a multilevel house or one with a basement. If that senior stores a lot of their basic items in the basement, they will probably be using that stairway numerous times throughout the day. A stair lift does not have to be used, but in the event the elderly homeowner doesn’t feel completely comfortable or confident on their feet, if they feel weak for a moment, they could rely on that lift.

Finally, talk about home care options.

There could be a number of times that senior has struggled with their basic care. If they don’t have somebody to call on, such as you or another family member or friend, they may just do the best they can and hope for the best.

What if the mornings are the most difficult time of the day for them? Maybe they have arthritis that becomes swollen or exacerbated while they sleep. A home care aide can stop by in the morning for a couple of hours (at least when you hire through an agency) to assist them getting out of bed. That can be a great way to keep them safe while helping prepare for the day ahead.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care to improve senior home safety in Richmond Hill, Canada, contact the caring professionals at Staff Relief Health Care 24/7 at 905.709.1767.

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