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Some Valuable Lessons a Family Might Learn After a Readmission

No one really wants to see an aging parent or other individual they care about return to the hospital, especially when they were just there for an extended stay. An ‘extended stay’ might be an overnight or several weeks. Whatever the case may be, if a person has to be readmitted within 30 days of discharge, that would technically count as a readmission, at least according to the federal government.

Reduce Hospital Readmissions Covington TN - Some Valuable Lessons a Family Might Learn After a Readmission

Reduce Hospital Readmissions Covington TN – Some Valuable Lessons a Family Might Learn After a Readmission

Some people don’t take the recovery process seriously enough.

It’s easy to become complacent when things seem to be going okay. Unfortunately, there could be a number of valuable lessons people learn a little bit too late. When an aging or disabled or injured family member is readmitted within 30 days of their discharge (or even 60 or 90 days afterward), some of these family support networks begin learning crucial lessons they wish they had known before.

First, support is crucial.

When that person was discharged and sent home there may have been plenty of family and friends available to help. Yet, people have to get back to their normal routines in life, including their regular jobs. That means support will likely wane over time.

If this person didn’t have adequate support in the weeks and months that followed, it could lead to serious complications, a lack of motivation, and an increased risk of slipping and falling or missing other opportunities to get healthy and strong.

Second, those doctor’s instructions make a difference.

When a person follows their doctor’s orders, it can have a direct impact on the recovery. For example, somebody who is going through pneumonia care at home will likely be advised to take it easy and rest. However, if they don’t have support or don’t heed their doctor’s advice properly, they might do too many things, thus wearing themselves out, weakening their immune system, and making it easier for the virus or bacteria to regain traction.

Third, a simple phone call to check in isn’t enough.

Family and friends might be a great support network in the area, but as people move away further and further from home, there might not be a strong family support system in place. Calls to check and make sure this senior or disabled adult is safe and comfortable might be fine on the surface, but they will do little to improve the chances of recovery.

Home care is one of the best options to consider for seniors from all walks of life. They can supplement family care and support and with experienced aides, it can help a person maximize their chances of recovery.

If you or an aging loved one are considering professional Home Care Services in Covington TN please contact the caring staff at Personal Care Services MidSouth, LLC. Call today! 901-443-1191.

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Walter L. Black, MBA, CSA

Born and raised in Mississippi. He graduated from Mississippi State University with a BS in Industrial Engineering, and from Angelo State University’s School of Business with his MBA.Walter has worked in the senior market for nearly 15 years and has obtained the distinguish honor of Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) by the Society of Certified Senior Advisors, an organization committed to providing ongoing and meaningful support to Seniors addressing their health, financial, and social issues.

Walter has spent the last five years building PCS MidSouth into a premier Home Care Agency.With three locations in the MidSouth providing services to clients in three states: Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama.The company is poise for growth and is expecting to expand its territory in the MidSouth.

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