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Forgetfulness Can Be Dangerous for Seniors Beyond Just Getting Lost

Senior Home Safety in Galloway, NJ: Forgetfulness Can Be Dangerous for Seniors Beyond Just Getting LostMany times, when people are overwhelmed with stress and anxiety, either due to health issues, financial circumstances, or other factors, they may have a tendency to become more forgetful. They get distracted. Their mind is on other things as opposed to the tasks they’re trying to accomplish at any given time. When this happens, it can pose certain challenges and for elderly men and women and they can become a safety issue.

Many people think that forgetfulness is just about leaving something on the stove and walking away. They may also think having memory related challenges is more a risk with regard to paying the bills, taking the right medications at the right time, and other factors.

However, some seniors may actually forget they’re not as strong as they used to be.

It’s not necessarily a matter of forgetfulness for some of these men or women but rather a desire, strong as it is, to continue taking care of themselves and doing the things they used to take for granted. For example, an elderly man who is in his 80s might grab the ladder to try and clean out the gutters or do something else on the house, neglecting the fact he has had extreme difficulty just walking up and down the stairs inside lately.

Another person may be sleeping soundly throughout the night, completely oblivious to the world, and then the alarm goes off or some noise rattles them awake. In that moment of fogginess, they may completely forget they have extreme difficulty just walking. They swing their legs over the side of the bed, begin to ease down, but before their feet touch the cold floor surface, they remember.

However, it’s a little too late. They can’t stop their forward momentum and eventually crash to the ground. This is where injuries can occur and, unfortunately, too many injuries for seniors are avoidable with some forethought. There are elderly men and women who simply forget about the challenges they’re facing, forget they can’t walk as well as they used to, or forget there are tasks that are now far more dangerous for them to even try than they were just a few months or years ago.

For these men and women, safety can quickly become compromised.

That’s why it’s a good idea to have home care aides working with them during the times when they’re most prone to neglecting reality, forgetting they can’t walk, or may try to let bravado win out, thus putting themselves at unnecessary risk.

Angel Alliance Caregivers of Galloway, NJ is dedicated to helping seniors maintain full, independent lives where they most desire to live: in the comfort of their own homes. Call us at (609) 965-0028.

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