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Smartphone Apps Could Boost Safety for Some Seniors at Home

There are so many technological innovations coming out every single year that it’s difficult to keep up with even half of them. Apps, for smartphones and tablets, are a dime a dozen. Many apps are free, with ads and other features. Some of these apps that are now being developed are focused on helping to improve quality of care, support, and safety for seniors and others who need assistance.

Senior Home Safety in Crestline OH: Smartphone Apps

Senior Home Safety in Crestline OH: Smartphone Apps

How could some smartphone apps be beneficial?

An elderly person who is living alone, for example, might have concerns about his or her own safety. They may worry about what could happen in the event of a slip and fall accident and they can’t reach a phone to call for help. There are monitoring devices a person can wear in which they depress a button and that signals the need for emergency support, but there are also various apps that could be beneficial.

One such app can help family and friends keep an eye on them.

There are smartphone apps that can be connected to wireless remote cameras placed throughout the house. Privacy is certainly something to talk about if this is a consideration, but when strategically placed throughout the house, a family member, friend, or other individual would be able to check in from time to time on their smartphone and just see that their aging parent, spouse, or other individual is safe, sitting down comfortably, resting in bed, or eating a nice meal at the table.

There are also apps to keep people connected.

There are plenty of apps that provide chat and videoconferencing features. This could allow the senior to make calls to family and friends all across the country or around the world. How could this possibly improve safety?

If a senior feels isolated and alone, he or she might not take care of themselves like they used to. They might not see the point. After all, if every day is being spent alone, it can lead to an increased risk of depression. However, being able to see grandchildren, great-grandchildren, friends, and others while speaking to them can help them feel connected, at least to some degree.

There are also apps that can connect them to home care services.

New apps are being developed all the time and some new ones can help seniors find the optimal level of home care support they need at any given time. If an elderly person is not feeling strong or confident on their feet, a home care aide can help them remain safe, even in the midst of extreme challenges.

If you are considering hiring home care to improve senior home safety in Crestline, Ohio, call the caring staff at Central Star Home Health at (419) 610-2161.  Providing services for families in Mansfield, Lexington, Bellville, Mt. Gilead, Loudonville, Crestline, Galion, Shelby, Ashland, Wooster, and the surrounding areas.

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Tracy Clark

Tracy Clark

Tracy began working for Star Multi Care as the Administrator of the Mansfield, Ohio office in March, 2012. In January, 2014 she was relocated to Florida to assume the role as Branch Administrator of the Pembroke Pines and subsequently the Home Health Liaison until coming back to Ohio in June, 2015. Prior to working at Star Multi Care, Tracy attended Marion Technical School for Business Administration and served as a United States Army Medic during Desert Shield. However, her true life’s work was awakened while spending 12 years in the long term care and assisted living arena. She quickly learned that assisting older adults was a passion that could not be denied. Tracy takes pride in being able to meet with each of her clients upon admission. Getting to know each of them enables her to personalize the care they receive and to direct her staff to ensure they receive the highest quality of care. In addition to her role as Home Health Liaison, Tracy has always been active in her community. She has served on the Salvation Army Advisory Board as Secretary, is a Certified Salvation Army National Disaster Responder, one of 1500 Specialists in 50 states to complete Mather LifeWays “PREPARE” training which trains professionals to address the medical and psychosocial needs of elderly residents affected by emergency situations, a member of the Advisory Committee for the Clinical Care Specialist Program at Madison Adult Career Center and is a member of various professional organizations throughout southeast Florida.
Tracy Clark

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