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A Cure for Alzheimer’s Isn’t Here Yet, but That Doesn’t Mean Seniors Have to ‘Accept’ This New Reality in Full

Sitting across from his doctor, Michael was not quite sure if he heard the doctor properly. “You have Alzheimer’s,” the doctor said. Even though he had been fully aware of certain issues with his memory during the past year or so, Michael assumed, at 78, it had more to do with age than anything else. After all, no one in his family, to his knowledge, had ever been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or even any other type of dementia.

Alzheimer's Care Germantown TN - A Cure for Alzheimer’s Isn’t Here Yet, but That Doesn’t Mean Seniors Have to ‘Accept’ This New Reality in Full

Alzheimer’s Care Germantown TN – A Cure for Alzheimer’s Isn’t Here Yet, but That Doesn’t Mean Seniors Have to ‘Accept’ This New Reality in Full

He had a difficult time accepting the diagnosis.

It took several days before he even called anyone in his family or friends to tell them. He tried to process this information. His doctor went over the various signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s, how it is a progressive disease, how it will affect memory more significantly as the years pass, and how he may reach a point where he becomes so confused, stressed, and anxious that he begins lashing out at the people who care about him and whom he cares about the most.

The part that was most difficult for Michael was the fact there is no cure. At 78 he was still in relatively good physical health. His most recent checkup determined his heart was incredibly strong, his lungs were working great, his legs were powerful still, and his mind had been sharp. Unfortunately, that was before the earliest signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s really began to show up.

In the weeks that followed, his family was urging him to ‘accept’ this new reality.

He refused. He refused to accept support and assistance. He was still able to take care of himself for the most part. He figured he could just develop some new strategies to keep track of conversations, appointments, and other things he had going on throughout the week.

For the most part this was okay. There were missed opportunities, though. While his family was so focused on him accepting this new reality, that doesn’t have to happen right away. A person doesn’t have to completely accept what will happen in the years ahead in order to still be safe and even begin building the foundation for more comfort in the years to come.

By leaning on support, developing a routine, and even staying mentally active, Michael could have potentially delayed the onset of more serious aspects of memory loss, perhaps for a few months or maybe a year or so (Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation). He wasn’t ready to accept this new reality in full, and that was okay. Once he realized it was okay, he focused on things he could do now that could benefit his brain, quality of life, and his future. He still felt empowered.

If he accepted this new reality as though it was hopeless, he may not have ultimately hired home care support services, taking on new mentally stimulating activities, or still wanting to be active throughout his community. All of those paid dividends as the disease progressed.

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Walter L. Black, MBA, CSA

Born and raised in Mississippi. He graduated from Mississippi State University with a BS in Industrial Engineering, and from Angelo State University’s School of Business with his MBA.Walter has worked in the senior market for nearly 15 years and has obtained the distinguish honor of Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) by the Society of Certified Senior Advisors, an organization committed to providing ongoing and meaningful support to Seniors addressing their health, financial, and social issues.

Walter has spent the last five years building PCS MidSouth into a premier Home Care Agency.With three locations in the MidSouth providing services to clients in three states: Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama.The company is poise for growth and is expecting to expand its territory in the MidSouth.

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