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Just How Much Does Your Elderly Parent Understand About Home Care Options?

Home Care Options for Seniors in Galloway NJ: Just How Much Does Your Elderly Parent Understand About Home Care Options?Your mother is ‘getting up there in age.’ It’s not easy to witness the challenges she’s facing at this moment. You’ve been doing whatever you can to help, but your time is extremely limited. She’s asking you for more and more assistance but you have to refuse. Still, that doesn’t seem to stop the phone from ringing off the hook. You want to talk about home care options with her, but you just don’t know how that conversation will go over.

You don’t know what she thinks about it.

If you don’t know what another person thinks or believes about a specific support system, like home care aides, it can be difficult to bring up the topic. It’s easy to assume an aging person will get defensive and flat out refuse to even listen to what you have to say.

That may very well happen, but you still need to discuss it.

To be honest, home care is not just the most affordable senior care option available, but it’s also one of the best, at least when people hire through agencies. Agencies provide some of the most experienced, dedicated, compassionate, and caring individuals to provide support, encouragement, and assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).

Many people mistakenly associate these services with nursing homes.

It’s kind of odd when you think about it, mostly because when an individual needs to go to a nursing home, they will be staying there for an indefinite period of time. It could be a few days, weeks, months, or even longer. With a home care aide, though, they will be able to remain where they are most comfortable, in their own house or apartment.

Some worry about their safety.

A number of misconceptions and concerns people have about home care support is that they won’t be safe. They somehow have this idea that only a family member, like a spouse or adult child, is truly going to be concerned about their safety and helping them get up and down stairs, get out of bed, and more.

In truth, experienced home care aides have a great deal of understanding regarding safety issues that are commonly faced by aging clients. They can look around the house, spot potential problems, talk about them, and maybe even help address them, such as assisting the senior moving boxes or lightweight furniture out of common walking areas to reduce the risk of bumping into them, tripping, and falling.

The only way to truly know how much an elderly person understands about home care is to ask them directly.

Angel Alliance Caregivers of Galloway, NJ is dedicated to helping seniors maintain full, independent lives where they most desire to live: in the comfort of their own homes. Call us at (609) 965-0028.

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