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How to Discuss Home Care with a Senior Who Has Been Opposed to the Idea for a Long Time

How do you talk to somebody about a particular topic if they simply don’t want to hear it? When it comes to home care options, some seniors will be adamantly opposed to the idea and when a family member or friend even starts to bring it up, they will shut them down.

Home Care for Seniors in Richmond Hill Canada: Talking to a Senior who is Opposed to Home Care

Home Care for Seniors in Richmond Hill Canada: Talking to a Senior who is Opposed to Home Care

How can they shut the conversation down?

They can start acting belligerent. They can even start acting immature, yelling, throwing things, storming out of the room, slamming the door, and refusing to come out until the person goes away or promises never to bring up the subject again.

When somebody is dealing with an elderly parent, for example, who is acting in this manner, even though that adult child, spouse, or sibling knows this is the best option for them moving forward, what can be done?

Instead of talking about home care options, talk about activities.

There are probably numerous activities this senior used to enjoy. Maybe he or she is no longer doing them because of their physical limitations, infirmities, or health issues. What if they were made to believe they could do at least some of them again, but only if they had the right support?

Many people have misconceptions and fears about home care aides that are unfounded. They may be based on a news story they saw once a long time ago. Maybe they associate this type of support with glorified nursing home care and think they are simply going to be ignored.

Maybe they see it as an unnecessary expense. After all, if they can rely on a family member who lives in the area to stop by and help them, why would the even consider paying a professional? Most of the time family caregivers either don’t have the desire, inclination, or experience to encourage their aging parent or other family member to pursue a number of activities that might be of interest to them still.

Many of these seniors give up. They don’t see any value in dreaming about these things anymore. They might have a tendency to sit on the couch watching TV or reading a book rather than getting out and going for a walk, meeting up with friends, and doing other activities that used to be enjoyable.

If they start to believe it’s possible to do some of these things again, they might want to know how. That’s where the topic of home care can suddenly come into play, often without being shot down immediately.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care for seniors in Richmond Hill, Canada, contact the caring professionals at Staff Relief Health Care 24/7 at 905.709.1767.

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