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Defensiveness May Be Normal When Seniors Face the Prospect of Home Care Support

Defensiveness May Be Normal When Seniors Face the Prospect of Home Care SupportSarah was not too keen on the idea of relying on somebody else for help. Her daughter lived one street over from her. She just assumed that her daughter would be there for her when she needed her. When she was having difficulty, she would call on her daughter to help her with a wide range of things around the house, never thinking twice about the kind of pressure it was placing on her. She never wanted to consider home care options because she had various misconceptions about it.

When her daughter finally brought up the topic of home care, Sarah became defensive.

She got argumentative. She started asking her daughter why she wants to “push her off on somebody else.” She couldn’t understand why her daughter just didn’t want to be there for her. After all the things said or she had done for her through the years, as a college girl struggling to find her way, through the mistakes she made in various relationships, and even during a career change in her 30s, Sarah had supported her in more ways than just financial.

She saw home care as a way for her daughter to simply get ‘rid of her.’

This kind of defensiveness is not that unusual for seniors, especially for those who don’t know much about home care support services. Some see the idea of hiring a home care aide as giving up their autonomy or independence. They worry that when they have a professional stopping by their house every day, somebody who will essentially be a stranger at first, that individual is going to start dictating what they can or can’t do.

Sarah’s daughter had to explain the limitations on her time and energy.

She had a job. She had a career. She had a family. She had other responsibilities and taking care of Sarah it was beginning to force her to give up certain things and even take time off from work. Sarah simply didn’t realize just how much effort was required to stop over, help her prepare a meal, clean the house, go shopping, go to a doctor’s appointment, and do so many other things.

Once Sarah’s daughter was able to get past the defensiveness, she was able to explain what experienced home care could offer. Through an agency, Sarah would rely on somebody kind, compassionate, and experienced. She would rely on somebody who truly wanted the best for Sarah at this time in her life.

Sometimes, getting past that defensiveness can take a while, but it’s worth the effort.

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