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5 Things Veterans Should Know About Home Care Services

Home care can be an incredible benefit for people who have some type of difficulty at home. It might be due to age, a health emergency, injuries, or something else. For veterans, it may be difficult to even consider home care support because of limited income and other challenges.

Care for Aging Veterans in Liberty Lake WA: Things to Know About Home Care

Care for Aging Veterans in Liberty Lake WA: Things to Know About Home Care

Below are five things veterans should know about home care services, which could help them realize just how beneficial it can be and why they need to seriously consider it.

1. It can help them remain home.

As people get older and face increasing challenges in life, the idea of being able to stay there, where they’re comfortable, especially if they live alone, becomes more difficult. It doesn’t seem reasonable when a person is in their 80s, for example, and can’t even get out of bed safely on their own, to allow them to remain that way. Sure, it is entirely up to them (as long as somebody hasn’t gained power of attorney over them) but to realize that a home care aide can assist them when family isn’t around is a great benefit.

2. Agencies are the best.

Relying on services through a home care agency is the best option. Not only do agencies provide some of the most experienced, compassionate, and dedicated caregivers, but also offer some of the best flexibility.

For example, through an agency, an elderly veteran can have somebody stop by his house on Monday morning for two hours. If he needs more support in the weeks ahead, he can increase that without too much trouble.

3. The Aid and Attendance Benefit can help pay for these services.

This is a pension through the VA which can be beneficial for those limited in their income and assets. If a veteran does not have a lot of money coming in through a pension, retirement fund, or even Social Security, he might never consider home care services. The Aid and Attendance Benefit can help.

4. Agencies offer flexibility.

As mentioned in the second point, it also bears repeating. Flexibility can be essential. Somebody might not need full-time care, which is what a lot of people assume they’d have to hire when looking into home care. They can have somebody working with them for just a couple of hours two or three days a week to start, a couple of hours in the morning and then two more in the evening, and so on. That kind of flexibility is available with home care agencies.

5. There are plenty of misconceptions about these services.

A lot of people have certain preconceived notions and misconceptions about home care support services. Instead of relying on those misconceptions, veterans should be diligent in their search to learn the truth and when they do, they often realize just how beneficial home care can be.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care for aging veterans in Liberty Lake, WA, please contact the friendly staff at Love at Home Senior Care, today. Call (509) 204-4088

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