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What Is It About Home Care Some Veterans Don’t Like?

Care for Aging Veterans

Care for Aging Veterans

Home care is the best support for aging and disabled individuals, including veterans, across the country, especially if they want to remain at home for as long as possible. Unfortunately, there are numerous misconceptions about what these services offer and there are certainly veterans who don’t like to even think about home care at all.

What is it about home care they don’t like?

It has nothing to do with the services or support they offer. It’s most commonly associated with this sense of feeling helpless. Many of these veterans are fiercely independent and proud of their service. They sacrificed their time, often were deployed to other parts of the world and, if they served during a time in which United States was officially engaged in combat, it could have been an extremely stressful time for them.

When they were discharged from service, they often carried many of the positive lessons about discipline, helping others, and service throughout the rest of their life. As many of these veterans get older, they begin to feel acutely aware of the changes and limitations in their physical capabilities.

They understand they simply can’t do the same things they had in the past without some help, but asking for assistance is not easy. Then, if they were to rely on a home care aide to come out to the house just to help them get out of bed or go to the bathroom safely, it can have an emotional consequence they are not ready to handle.

How can family and friends make a difference?

One of the most effective ways to get elderly veterans and other seniors thinking more positively about home care is to learn as much about the services they offer. Agencies offer some of the most flexibility, most experienced and kind and compassionate individuals and their main focus is helping to improve quality of life and comfort -not to mention safety- for their clients.

When veterans and their family understand how home care can be such an asset, it could open their eyes and help them eventually realize this is truly something to consider. For a veteran who may be considered a ‘wartime veteran,’ if their income and assets are limited, but they can show a documentable need for home care support, the Aid and Attendance Benefit could be a pension that helps them pay for it.

When people realize help is available and it would offer them the opportunity to still pursue activities important to them, they start to understand it’s not a limitation but an asset. That’s exactly what home care can and should be.

If you or an aging loved one are considering care for aging veterans in Omaha, NE, please contact the caring staff at Seniors Helping Seniors® Greater Omaha at (402) 215-0308 today.

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Denise Moser

Denise Moser is the Executive Director at Seniors Helping Seniors® Greater Omaha.Born and raised in Omaha, she is working to give the community something her family didn’t have access to while growing up – affordable in-home care services for older loved ones.She is dedicated to helping families by providing the support needed to keep aging loved ones in their homes for as long as possible.Seniors Helping Seniors® provides companion and homemaker services to seniors who want to age in place by matching seniors who need help with seniors who want to help.Denise’s office serves the Greater Omaha area.