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Which Home Care Option Is Right for Mom?

Which Home Care Option Is Right for Mom?Your mother was hospitalized recently due to a major medical emergency. Maybe it was a heart attack or stroke. Perhaps she was dealing with pneumonia. Whatever the case may have been, now she is facing a potentially lengthy recovery and her doctor has admonished her to consider home care.

You’ve been looking into this for her.

You didn’t know the first thing about home care or the options it can include. You basically thought about a caregiver, a home care aide who could help your mother with basic tasks until she regained strength, mobility, and the ability to get those things done on her own once again. Maybe you also thought about taking some time off work to be there for her.

However, the doctor has been adamant she needs experienced care.

So what home care options should you be looking into? That all depends on the situation, her needs, and what has been recommended by her doctor.

A visiting nurse may be necessary.

If your mother is going to require a significant level of direct medical attention, a visiting nurse may be necessary. A visiting nurse can check vital statistics like heart rate, blood pressure, glucose levels, and more. That nurse can also relay that information to your mother’s primary doctor for proper monitoring.

A visiting nurse may also be necessary for changing bandages, redressing scars or other parts of her body, administering certain medications, and much more.

A home care aide would be beneficial.

Even though you or other family members and friends are ready to step up and help out, an experienced aide, somebody who has worked with other aging clients through the years, especially those who have gone through a similar situation, would likely be a better option.

There may be certain risks you’re not aware about. For example, do you think grab bars in the tub or shower surround would be a good idea? Maybe that never would’ve crossed your mind. What about if your mother needs help getting into and out of the shower? Would she feel comfortable asking you?

By relying on home care aides, seniors are often much more comfortable with these intimate matters than relying on friends or family.

A physical therapist may be needed.

If your mother has to regain mobility, strength, or the ability to perform certain tasks, a physical or occupational therapist might be extremely beneficial.

In some cases, your mother may need more than one type of home care option, and for that looking into an agency is the best place to start.

Interim HealthCare is a nationwide company that is dedicated to helping seniors maintain full, independent lives where they most desire to live: in the comfort of their own homes. Call us today to find a location near you. 800-944-8888

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