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Five Reasons Why Veterans Overlook the Aid and Attendance Pension

Even though disabled, low-income, wartime veterans are eligible for assistance, there are at least five reasons why they overlook the Aid and Attendance Pension. You can help veterans and their dependents get the benefits they deserve. Learn why this pension is overlooked and about the VetAssist Program which breaks down the barriers to Aid and Attendance.

Reason #1: Lack of awareness that the pension exists

VA Benefit Forms and Know Your Benefits Booklet -property of Veterans Home Care

VA Benefit Forms and Know Your Benefits Booklet -property of Veterans Home Care

According to the VA’s own research, “veterans and spouses are not aware of the program.” The VA doesn’t advertise or mail Aid and Attendance Pension information to eligible veterans and their surviving spouses. However, there’s a wealth of information on websites, but often elderly veterans with limited resources don’t have access to the internet.

Reason #2: Confusing the VA Pension with the VA Compensation

Many veterans think because they were not injured or harmed during their military service, they are not eligible for any monetary VA benefit. The reality is that the VA provides Compensation to veterans who are disabled due to serving our country and a  Pension for those with disabilities unrelated to military service.

Reason #3: Confusing VHA programs with VBA programs

People may only look for home care programs through the Veteran Health Administration (VHA) and do not check with the Veterans Benefit Administration (VBA). The VBA is the branch of that provides benefits such as the Aid and Attendance Pension. You do not have to have a VHA doctor (or be enrolled in the VHA system) to apply for the Aid and Attendance Pension.

Reason #4: Poor health of the eligible veterans and surviving spouses

Even when they become aware of the Aid and Attendance Pension, their age, physical condition, stress level, and isolation make it difficult for them to navigate the application process and ongoing requirements.

Reason #5: A long wait for the approval process.

There is a backlog at the VA, which can create months of waiting for VA claims processing. However, when the VA entitles a veteran or surviving spouse to the Aid and Attendance Pension, the first payment is retroactive to the application date.


The VetAssist Program breaks down the barriers

For all of these reasons many people turn to Veterans Home Care, a private company that I founded in 2003. Since then, we have successfully helped more than 13,000 veterans and surviving spouses access quality home care and a little-known VA pension to pay for that care. We created a unique VetAssist Program limited to those who are eligible for the Department of Veterans Affairs Pension with Aid and Attendance. We charge for home care services. We never charge for help with the VA Aid and Attendance Pension application or ongoing compliance.

With a free, no-interest loan from Veterans Home Care, our VetAssist clients are able to access home care services right away. They are able to easily repay the loan with retroactive VA funds once they are entitled.

Our VetAssist Program helps deserving veterans and surviving spouses overcome the barriers to getting their Aid and Attendance Pension. Contact us at or 888-314-6075 so we can help you or your loved one.

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Bonnie Laiderman

Bonnie Laiderman, founder and president of Veterans Home Care®, has helped more than 14,000 veterans and their spouses receive in home care through the unique VetAssist® Program. Started in 2003 as a one woman operation, Bonnie has overseen the growth of the company to become one of the largest women-owned companies in the St. Louis Metro Region. Veterans Home Care has also earned the Inc. 5000 award of fastest growing companies six times.Now with offices in 10 locations in the United States, Veterans Home Care serves our veterans in 44 states throughout the country.

In addition to growing Veterans Home Care to become the largest provider of its kind in the industry, Bonnie has been a strong supporter of numerous charitable and social organizations with both a local and national impact. Wings of Hope and Lydia’s House have both benefited from Bonnie’s support to continue much needed services to our most vulnerable in need. Bonnie also is a member of the American Red Cross Tiffany Circle, a national society of women leaders. Bonnie serves as Chairperson for the American Red Cross Service Armed Forces Committee.