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Staying in Control at Home for Seniors Starts with Safety

Senior Home Safety in Newport WA: Staying in Control

Senior Home Safety in Newport WA: Staying in Control

How important is it to be in control of one’s life? For you, do you like to have a say in what you do every single day? Of course you do. Most of us have that desire to maintain control of our own life, especially as adults. For some seniors, though, it becomes more and more difficult to maintain control, especially when they are dealing with health issues, physical challenges, and more.

Some people require assistance.

When an elderly person needs help doing some tasks around the house, he or she may feel as though they’re losing control. It’s often difficult for many people to ask for help, especially for some basic tasks, like preparing a meal, getting something down from a cabinet that’s high up, or to even do some grocery shopping.

How can seniors stay in control and safe?

Safety can often be a concern for many seniors at home, especially when they begin to realize, acutely, their own limitations. The best way to stay safe is to understand one’s own limitations and avoid doing certain activities that put themselves at risk.

It’s also highly recommended that they ask somebody for help for some risky endeavors.

Calling on family and friends might be okay for once in a while, but what if that elderly person requires assistance on a regular basis? In that case, a home care aide would be a wonderful choice to make.

How can home care improve safety?

An experienced home care aide can provide the physical support the senior needs to perform a number of basic tasks around the house. This can include bathing, toileting, getting out of bed, getting dressed, preparing meals, doing light housekeeping, getting to a doctor’s appointment or to the store, and so much more. An experienced home care aide may also be able to assist an elderly client gardening, some light yard work, and so much more.

It’s important to realize a home care aide is not a maid.

They are not lawn care professionals, they are not maids or butlers, and they are not to be expected to do everything for their elderly clients. They are hired to assist and make sure the senior is safe when pursuing any number of activities throughout the day.

By hiring a home care aide, an elderly person can also maintain control of his or her life while improving safety at home.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care to improve senior home safety in Newport, WA, please contact the friendly staff at Love at Home Senior Care, today. Call (509) 204-4088

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