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Sure, You Can Make a Difference in an Aging Loved One’s Life, but at What Cost?

Caregiver Stress: Sure, You Can Make a Difference in an Aging Loved One’s Life, but at What Cost?

You’re the type of person who has always been there for your friends and family members. When an elderly loved one, such as a parent or grandparent, had a health emergency, you never thought twice. Maybe it was a stroke or heart attack. Perhaps the doctor was tempered in his or her enthusiasm about their prospects of returning to life as they knew it.

Immediately you stepped up to help out.

You want to make a difference. You want to be there for this individual. After all, they might have been there for you throughout most of your young adult life, supporting you, even when you made mistakes. Since they lived in the same town, you realized this was your opportunity to step up and be there for them.

Over time you begin to realize just how difficult it is to be a family caregiver. You thought this was going to be relatively simple. You have a great relationship with this senior. You thought he or she was going to listen to you, but that’s not the case.

They have certain expectations for themselves. You might advise this person to avoid a certain activity, not go out with their friends to play card games, and simply stay home, exercise, rest as appropriate, exercise per doctor instructions, and more.

It’s starting to take a toll on your relationship.

Your relationship with this elderly person is beginning to become strained. You never imagined this could happen, but there it is: arguments are ensuing, he or she isn’t answering the phone every time you call, and they are starting to be defensive around you. All of these things can cause a lot of stress and anxiety for both you and that elderly person.

If you continue down this path, you may very well help keep them safe and may be a great support system for them, but it can negatively impact your relationship. In fact, it could downright destroy the relationship.

You both deserve better than that.

What you may need to realize right now is the value in hiring a home care aide. You might not have thought about this before, but it is the most cost-effective senior care option there is and when you rely on experienced care, it can provide a great deal of benefit for that senior and also offer you insight into how best to provide the kind of care and support this senior needs right now.

Interim HealthCare is a nationwide company that is dedicated to helping seniors maintain full, independent lives where they most desire to live: in the comfort of their own homes. Call us today to find a location near you. 800-944-8888

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