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When Can a Senior ‘Take a Break’ from PT During Recovery?

Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates

Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates

There are going to be plenty of times when a person is going through physical therapy when they just want to quit. Physical therapy can be exhausting for anyone, regardless of their age. For a twentysomething-year-old adult, going through physical therapy can be weeks or even months of rigorous hard work. For a senior, it may even feel more challenging because of their limited strength, balance, and other issues.

There may very well be times when the senior wants to just quit.

They shouldn’t. They should keep pushing through. If there is a situation that is causing them stress or extreme pain or discomfort, they should certainly consult their doctor immediately. They should not take chances, but the last thing they need to do is stop physical therapy, especially if they begin making progress.

So, what happens if they’re in pain?

If the senior is dealing with a tremendous amount of pain, they should certainly talk to their doctor. If they can’t get a hold of their doctor right away, they may need to go to the emergency room to make sure everything is okay. It all depends on the senior and what their perception of pain actually is.

One individual could rate pain as a three on the scale of 0 to 10 while another could rate the same pain at a six or seven. Depending on the situation, how hard the physical therapist is pushing the elderly client, and other factors, unless they are extremely concerned about their safety or there are some issues that cause concern for the physical therapist, it may be best to keep going until they hear otherwise from their doctor.

Physical therapy is getting them back to full health.

In many cases seniors may be able to get back to either their full health or their full potential. For example, somebody who had a stroke recently may not be expected to walk without the assistance of a cane or walker, but if they stop working with a physical therapist, they may never even reach that point and would otherwise be relegated to using a wheelchair.

Physical therapy is tough. No one is going to deny that. In order to maximize the chances of recovery and reduce the risk of a hospital readmission, any senior who has been prescribed physical therapy should keep going at it unless their doctor has told them to stop.

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Denise Moser

Denise Moser is the Executive Director at Seniors Helping Seniors® Greater Omaha.Born and raised in Omaha, she is working to give the community something her family didn’t have access to while growing up – affordable in-home care services for older loved ones.She is dedicated to helping families by providing the support needed to keep aging loved ones in their homes for as long as possible.Seniors Helping Seniors® provides companion and homemaker services to seniors who want to age in place by matching seniors who need help with seniors who want to help.Denise’s office serves the Greater Omaha area.

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