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Sure, Dad Has the Right to Refuse to Partake in His Recovery, but Does He Know the Risks?

Your father is 78. He recently had a heart attack. He spent several days in the hospital going through a battery of tests. Now he is finally set for discharge, but he’s being obstinate. His doctor has tried to talk to him about a change in diet, an exercise routine he needs to consider, and other things that are important for his recovery and to reduce the probability of a hospital readmission, but your father doesn’t seem to care.

Reduce Hospital Readmissions Millington TN - Sure, Dad Has the Right to Refuse to Partake in His Recovery, but Does He Know the Risks?

Reduce Hospital Readmissions Millington TN – Sure, Dad Has the Right to Refuse to Partake in His Recovery, but Does He Know the Risks?

It can certainly be frustrating.

As a family member, whether you’re his spouse, adult child, or someone else who cares about him tremendously, witnessing this kind of obstinate behavior is certainly frustrating. Aside from yelling at him, what can you do?

He may be overestimating his health.

Even though he’s had a heart attack, your father may feel completely fine. He may not see any value in exercising, changing his diet, or doing any of the other things his doctor is recommending.

At his age, he also might not see any value in these things because he assumes he’s reached the end of his life. In reality, though, he could live for another five, 10, or more years. He needs to have a reality check of his health, future, and activities that he may still wish to pursue.

Did he pay attention to the doctor?

Many people think they know what’s best for themselves instead of their doctor. You need to respect your father, of course, but encourage him to at least listen to what his doctor has to say. Tell him he doesn’t have to agree with it, but at least hear him out, pay attention, and take the information back home with him.

This could become important later on when your father hopefully begins to realize the value in exercise and a change in diet.

Talk about home care support.

Perhaps your father has been leaning on you, your mother, or other friends and family in the area for some time. He’s been calling on people for assistance with various things, but now his challenges are going to be greater. That means he’s probably assuming he can continue calling on you for whatever he needs in the future.

Tell him about the limits on your time. Discuss home care as an option.

He might not want to hear it right now, but when he realizes you are all extremely busy and he is going to deal with a lot of things on his own, he may agree to hire a home care aide who probably has experience with people whose personality is just like his. That home care aide may be the perfect person to convince him to focus on exercise and a change in diet.

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Walter L. Black, MBA, CSA

Born and raised in Mississippi. He graduated from Mississippi State University with a BS in Industrial Engineering, and from Angelo State University’s School of Business with his MBA.Walter has worked in the senior market for nearly 15 years and has obtained the distinguish honor of Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) by the Society of Certified Senior Advisors, an organization committed to providing ongoing and meaningful support to Seniors addressing their health, financial, and social issues.

Walter has spent the last five years building PCS MidSouth into a premier Home Care Agency.With three locations in the MidSouth providing services to clients in three states: Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama.The company is poise for growth and is expecting to expand its territory in the MidSouth.

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