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Including Mom’s Neighbors in Her Care May Improve Safety

Senior Home Safety

Senior Home Safety

Is your mother close to her neighbors? The longer people spend in one place, the more likely they begin building positive relationships with their neighbors, even if they don’t seem to have anything else in common and they are decades apart in age.

You might be concerned about your mother’s safety right now at home, and you’ve talked to her about some of those concerns, but she doesn’t seem too willing to make changes.

This can cause a great deal of anxiety for you.

Whether you’re looking after her, stopping by every few days, or are expected to be her primary caregiver if and when that time comes, you are going to be facing stress and anxiety. The more safety issues you recognize with your mother, the more you’re going to worry about her.

Is she safe? Could she slip and fall? What if she’s on the floor right now and can’t get the phone?

These are just a few questions that may very well go through your mind either during the day at work at night when you can’t fall asleep. You don’t even know what your mother can do in the event she finds herself in trouble. You might live an hour or more away from her.

That can feel like a helpless situation. However, that’s where her neighbors can play an integral role in keeping her safe.

Always talk to your mother first.

Before you bring other people into this situation, talk to your mother about it. Explain your concerns, how it’s affecting your sleep, how you can’t concentrate at work, and have no idea how you could get to her in the event she faces an emergency situation. Explain the benefits of some of her neighbors knowing your concerns.

She may be more than willing to invite her neighbors over with you there to talk about these things. They might be willing to stop over and check on your mother every day after work. If your mother needs help with the garbage each week, they might be more than willing to do that, too.

Keep in mind, though, that a neighbor is a great backup plan but nothing is going to be better at keeping your mother safe at home and providing her the support she needs than relying on a home care aide. With the support of neighbors, friends, and home care providers, your mother’s safety can be kept at a high level.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care in Omaha, NE, please contact the caring staff at Seniors Helping Seniors® Greater Omaha at (402) 215-0308 today.

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Denise Moser

Denise Moser is the Executive Director at Seniors Helping Seniors® Greater Omaha.Born and raised in Omaha, she is working to give the community something her family didn’t have access to while growing up – affordable in-home care services for older loved ones.She is dedicated to helping families by providing the support needed to keep aging loved ones in their homes for as long as possible.Seniors Helping Seniors® provides companion and homemaker services to seniors who want to age in place by matching seniors who need help with seniors who want to help.Denise’s office serves the Greater Omaha area.

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