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Building a Culture of Caring for Someone with Dementia

It had been on his mind for a long time. Tom was worried about his mother. He noticed some changes about her personality and things she said. He was even starting to pick up on little clues that she was beginning to struggle with her memory. He thought about Alzheimer’s but hoped it was nothing more than side effects from prescription medications she was taking or something similar. When she was finally diagnosed with dementia, he knew she needed care.

Alzheimer's Care Cordova TN - Building a Culture of Caring for Someone with Dementia

Alzheimer’s Care Cordova TN – Building a Culture of Caring for Someone with Dementia

He had already been taking care of her, as best he could.

Tom was working a full-time job and had a number of other responsibilities. He didn’t live next door to his mother, so a drive to visit with her and help her with certain things meant an hour or two extra out of his day. He was more than happy to do it, but he also realized she needed something more.

He knew she needed a long-term care focus.

His mother was thinking about the moment, the immediate future. He was thinking about years ahead. She was still grappling with this diagnosis. In all her adult life she never even imagined she could be diagnosed with some form of dementia and the prospect was causing her a great deal of anxiety and concern. She didn’t want to forget Tom or her other children. She didn’t want to forget the life she enjoyed.

Tom began talking about planning for the future.

This is one of the first steps families can take to build a culture of caring for somebody with dementia. By talking about the future, he had to help his mother realize there were going to be changes. There is no cure for dementia, including Alzheimer’s. She was going to have to accept this and make sure she was properly prepared, as would be the rest of her family.

He talked about relying on experienced care as well as family.

He was more than willing to do what he could, but she was going to require more and more assistance in the years to come. She had to consider relying on home care support services.

Tom wanted her to think about things she still wanted to do.

There was some art, music, and other activities she had expressed interest in pursuing in the past. She didn’t think there was a point or even the opportunity to do those things anymore. Tom told her, with the right support, there could be.

He encouraged a positive attitude.

Among all other family members and his mother’s friends, Tom encouraged them to be as positive as possible. She was going to need a great deal of encouragement in the future and these are just a few things Tom did to help promote a culture of caring.

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Walter L. Black, MBA, CSA

Born and raised in Mississippi. He graduated from Mississippi State University with a BS in Industrial Engineering, and from Angelo State University’s School of Business with his MBA.Walter has worked in the senior market for nearly 15 years and has obtained the distinguish honor of Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) by the Society of Certified Senior Advisors, an organization committed to providing ongoing and meaningful support to Seniors addressing their health, financial, and social issues.

Walter has spent the last five years building PCS MidSouth into a premier Home Care Agency.With three locations in the MidSouth providing services to clients in three states: Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama.The company is poise for growth and is expecting to expand its territory in the MidSouth.

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