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How Can You Say No to Mom When She Has Dementia?

You’re getting a lot of advice from many people. Since your mother was diagnosed with dementia, you have been concerned about her future. You have taken it upon yourself to be her primary caregiver, even though you may have a full-time job and other responsibilities to take care of.

Alzheimer's Care Friendswood TX - How Can You Say No to Mom When She Has Dementia?

Alzheimer’s Care Friendswood TX – How Can You Say No to Mom When She Has Dementia?

That’s an incredible burden.

However, many of your friends and possibly your spouse or other family members are advising you not to take on this important job. How can you possibly say no to her?

After all, she is asking if you will be there for her as she moves through this difficult challenge in her life.

You don’t want to let her down.

This is one of the most important things for people; they don’t want to let their loved ones, especially aging parents, spouses, siblings, or other family members down. She was there for you so how can you turn your back on her now?

You don’t have to turn your back on her.

You should, though, consider just how much time this is going to take from your life. Do you have the resources, experience, and temperament to be the right support system for her?

What will your other family members think?

Maybe you’re the only one who is thinking about the challenges you will face. You might have a brother or sister on the other side of the country who is questioning why you would even consider not stepping up and being there for her. After all, she only lives a few blocks away. Why wouldn’t you support her?

First and foremost, you need to not worry about what other people think, even people within your own family. You know yourself best and you know your limitations. If trying to take care of her is going to be overwhelming, emotionally, physically, or in any other way, you need to acknowledge that and be clear on what your expectations may be.

Oh, the guilt!

Yes, you may feel guilty if you decide not to support your mother in this way, but there’s a significant difference between providing full-time care to somebody with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia and simply helping her out once or twice a week.

You don’t have to feel guilty because you know your limitations and have the right to enjoy your own life.

Home care is the better option, anyway.

When you’re talking about somebody who has been diagnosed with dementia, experienced care is going to go a lot further at helping your mother maintain more comfort, dignity, and a higher quality of life as she moves through the various stages of this disease.

If you or an aging loved one are considering assisted living in Friendswood TX, please call and talk to the caring staff at Serenity Gardens at Dickinson: (832) 315-3219 or Friendswood: (832) 895-3448.

Assisted Living Specializing in Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care Serving League City, Webster/Clear Lake, Friendswood, Dickinson, Galveston, Kemah, Houston, Texas City, Santa Fe, La Marque.

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Melia Boone

Melia Boone is the owner of Serenity Gardens. Serenity Gardens is a residential care home that specializes in caring for those with memory impairments, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Lewy-Body and other types of dementia.

Our home is designed with the purpose of offering a “homelike environment” to sixteen residents. Services are provided in a warm, friendly and comfortable homelike environment. Delicious meals, adult oriented activities, laughter of children and stimulating outings round out the living experience at Serenity Gardens.

Our home offers a beautiful courtyard where residents are free to wander around the grounds within the secure perimeter.

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