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How Is This Year Shaping Up for Mom’s Recovery?

Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates in Washington D.C.

Your mother recently suffered a medical emergency. Perhaps it was a stroke. Maybe it was a heart attack. Or perhaps she fell and was seriously injured. Whatever the case may be, eventually she will be discharged and sent home. When she’s sent home, her recovery will continue.Reduce-Hospital-Readmission-Rates-in-Washington-D.C.

While you may not be worried about hospital readmission rates or how to reduce them, you are focused on her recovery. The two are closely intertwined and the more you understand about recovery, the easier it will be for you to support your mother in the way she needs.

We have started a new year and if your mother was hospitalized before the holiday season, her recovery could still take several months. It’s a good time to step back and analyze the situation.

Are you helping her with recovery?

In other words, have you become her de facto primary caregiver? If so, do you have any prior experience doing this type of work? Most of us don’t, which begs the question what would you expect from her recovery in the first place?

Maybe her doctor was optimistic, expecting she could make a full recovery from this medical emergency. Perhaps he gave you a basic timeline on where she should be with certain accomplishments.

You look at the timeline and don’t see your mother as being on track. What could it be?

You could be missing out on certain aspects of proper care for her. Without prior experience doing this type of work, you may miss opportunities that could be extremely beneficial for her.

Are you encouraging exercise?

If her doctor recommended exercise, are you encouraging her to get exercise daily? Or, if she had a heart attack, for example, are you discouraging exercise, even though her doctor recommended it? Many people would. That’s because we see exercise as increasing the heart rate and, when the heart rate increases, doesn’t that increase the risk of another attack?

Exercise can be instrumental at recovery for many different medical emergencies, including heart attacks. That’s because when a person exercises, they will increase the heart rate which allows the muscles of the heart to gain strength. When the heart is stronger, the risk of another attack can actually diminish.

Right now, regardless of how many weeks into the new year we are, it’s a great time to evaluate and analyze the situation. If your mother’s recovery is not going as smoothly as you would have hoped, it’s time to sit down and seriously discuss the prospect of hiring home care support services for her.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care in Washington D.C., please call the friendly staff at Philia Care today at 202-607-2525.


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Kira Tewalt

President/Founder at Philia, LLC
Philia is founded and managed by Kira Tewalt (Kira with a long “i”), a working mom. Kira once left a successful position because the location and demands of the job were antithetical to picking up her children from school and driving them to their afterschool activities.

But that is only one factor that motivated her to founding this caregiving business. When she was younger, her grandfather came to live with her. And she saw first hand how our older citizens, our most wise and experienced family and community members, are undervalued in our society. How we sometimes concentrate on caring for the physical needs, but forget their spiritual or emotional needs. And, yet, they aren’t able to attend to their own needs. This can lead to a spiral of depression.

She once dreamed of having a large piece of property where seniors and orphaned youth could live in a mutually beneficial community; and while Philia certainly isn’t that utopia, there exist elements to that dream within Philia.

Philia isn’t just a manifestation of her dream however. Kira has extensive and varied education, experience and accomplishments that provide the foundation for her success as owner of Philia. She has over 20 years of successful financial, program management, and systems engineering experience. She once even helped to turn-around a small company in Bolivia. With an M.B.A. and a Masters of Systems Engineering, she possesses the perfect combination of education for Philia because it provides both the well-rounded business smarts to lead a successful business and the knowledge to build a robust system. What is a business after all, if not a system of systems – various functions, people and technologies, working together towards common goals.

Kira lives in Washington DC with her husband, 2 children, dog and 2 cats. She enjoys spending time with her family and hiking/ running through woods with her dog.

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