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Confidence Can Affect Recovery and Readmission Rates

Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates in Las Vegas NV

Reduce Hospital Readmission RatesHow important is confidence in life? Many people who are highly confident have a tendency to find success more easily. This doesn’t mean every confident person is successful, but confidence is attractive, it presents an air of authority and knowledge, and is often considered an asset. For somebody who has recently been hospitalized, especially an elderly person, confidence in their ability to take care of themselves or recover may be low.

How to regain confidence?

Regaining confidence in one’s ability to get up without assistance, walk down the hall, get up and down stairs, and begin taking care of themselves like they used to is not always an easy thing to do. It’s often overlooked.

Confidence can have a direct impact on one’s recovery. Most seniors are not focused on readmission rates or learning how to reduce them; they are focused on whether or not they should be expected to make a good, healthy recovery.

During the first few days or weeks following their discharge, confidence might be high. They have heard what their doctor has to say, feel encouraged by his or her assessment, and things can feel like they’re moving in the right direction. After all, any time somebody gets to leave the hospital it’s going to be a positive thing.

However, as the days progress, confidence can decrease, especially if certain tasks, such as changing their diet or exercising, become far more challenging than the senior expected.

Regaining confidence in one’s ability to take care of themselves, get back to the activities they used to enjoy, and to stay healthy is not always easy.

Set goals.

One of the most effective ways to regain confidence is to establish goals. These goals should be daily, weekly, and monthly. It doesn’t mean the goals will be reached all the time, but it provides an opportunity for the senior to have something to look forward to work toward, even if those goals have to be readjusted every so often.

Keep a journal.

Whether the senior calls it a diary or journal, writing down what they did each day, what types of exercises they took part in, activities they pursued, and more can be highly beneficial. On days when they are not feeling very confident in their recovery, they can look back to the journal, see where they were just a few weeks earlier, and realize they are making progress.

When a person is confident in the recovery, it can keep them keep motivated and stay on task.


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Christy Swadkins

Christy Swadkins is the owner of Golden Heart Senior Care serving Summerlin and the Las Vegas area.Her personal and professional background brings a unique and rich quality to the care she provides for her clients.

Christy has a M.A. degree in Psychology and has worked helping families for over 25 years. She has worked in various settings including social service agencies, nursing homes and schools. Christy's ultimate professional goal is to use her talents and experience to make a difference in the lives of others.

Several years ago Christy's dad started showing signs of Dementia and Parkinson’s disease. Her family was faced with emotionally challenging decisions and she realized how difficult this situation can be for families. Christy wanted to use her personal experience to support others who are in the process of taking care of their elderly loved ones.

Christy has developed an exceptional support program for those providing care for elderly family members. Educational information and emotional support is available to help families cope with the stress and physical demands of caring for senior loved ones. It is Christy's philosophy that each stage of life is precious and individuals of all ages need to be treated with the utmost respect and dignity.

Christy seeks out Golden Heart team members who demonstrate a nurturing, respectful and professional demeanor.Christy truly appreciates the caregivers who work for Golden Heart and provides them with exceptional educational, emotional and professional support.

Christy is honored to be supporting the families of the Las Vegas valley.