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Staying Fit Can Improve Safety for Seniors

Senior Home Safety in Spokane WA

We often hear about how important exercise is for people of all ages. It’s just as important for seniors as it is for children, teenagers, and young adults. In fact, some might say exercise and staying in good physical condition is even more important for an aging population because they are at an increased risk of dealing with certain health issues and safety hazards.Senior-Home-Safety-in-Spokane-WA

As seniors get older, they will be facing increased physical challenges. That’s because people will lose muscle mass each year. By the time a person is in their 40s, they already recognize the changes in their body, their physical capabilities, their stamina, strength, and much more. That doesn’t mean people in their 40s, 50s, or 60s are going to be unsafe in various situations; it means they have to begin thinking about things a little bit differently.

For seniors, safety is often a topic of concern. As they lose muscle and strength in their legs, their balance can be compromised. Here are a few ways that seniors can stay safer within the comfort of their home by focusing on their overall fitness.

Get exercise.

Many doctors recommend their elderly patients get exercise regularly. This includes those who recently had heart attacks. Exercise not only helps the body maintain good physical condition, it can help the heart get stronger as well.

Focusing on 15 minutes of solid, cardiovascular exercise every day should be on every senior’s mind, at a minimum.

Eat healthy.

If a person is not eating healthy, is not getting proper nutrition, and has a tendency to eat unhealthy foods, such as chips, popcorn, candy, and so on, it’s going to directly impact their strength, vitality, stamina, concentration, and focus.

It becomes essential for people in their 70s and 80s to focus on a healthy diet rich with vitamins and other vital nutrients.

Muscle loss will continue, byt  there’s something you can do about it. Even seniors who exercise regularly, work with free weights, Nautilus style machines, and other devices will not be able to maintain all of the muscle they have. However, giving up is only going to increase the rate of muscle loss.

By going for walks, exercising, and staying focused on physical fitness, people in their 70s, 80s, and 90s can continue living a full and productive life. Maintaining a high quality of life is often one the most important things for people of all ages. That doesn’t change just because the number next to your age continues to increase.

Focusing on fitness is one of most vital components of staying safer at home.

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Andy Niska

My career has focused on health care in several areas. From management and administration in a multi-specialty clinic, to sales and marketing in pharmaceutical and laboratory companies. I have experience in start-up companies, new product launches, mergers and acquisitions. The common thread in all my business interactions is always the patient. Caring for the patient, improving outcomes for the patient and serving the patient. There have been many patient types over the years of my career. Today my passion is caring for the elderly. I enjoy managing a company dedicated to helping seniors age gracefully and with dignity.

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