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Your Mindset Impacts the Stress in Your Life

Your Mindset Impacts the Stress in Your LifeYour mindset is the way you view things from a mental perspective. It’s a lot different than how you see things from a physical perspective. When you go over to an elderly loved one’s house to provide care and support for them, you see their condition, you see the way they struggle to get out of the chair, how they brace themselves on the wall as they walk down the hall, and you may even see the deterioration in the condition of their house.

Your mindset, though, can lead to a tremendous amount of stress in your life.

If you see their challenges and your mindset is one of negativity, you will probably go home and worry about their safety. You may begin envisioning them slipping and falling while trying to get out of bed. You could see that person stumbling down the stairs.

If you don’t have the opportunity to stop by and visit with them personally every day, the stress and anxiety you experience can mount day after day after day. You might have difficulty sleeping at night. You may be unfocused at work.

Your mindset begins to affect many aspects of your life, including your stress levels.

It can also affect the senior for whom you are supporting and caring. You may begin discouraging him or her from doing various things around the house. They might want to go to the store, to go for a walk, or even garden in the spring and summer months. If you discourage those activities, you may assume they are safer, but they become more withdrawn and possibly increase the risk of depression for them.

If you are negative about the situation, the stress will only continue to build. You will have less and less time to devote to things that are important to you because you will be spending more and more time either directly with them or worried about them.

How can you get your mindset right?

If you hired a home care aide, somebody who would stop by at the same time every single day, maybe for two hours, four hours, or eight hours, for example, would that change your mindset? Would you feel more comfortable?

When you are less stressed about a loved one’s safety, it will impact your life less significantly and less directly.

Nothing beats an experienced home care aide when a senior requires any type of support and assistance on a daily basis. That can impact the family caregiver’s mindset significantly.

Interim HealthCare is a nationwide company that is dedicated to helping seniors maintain full, independent lives where they most desire to live: in the comfort of their own homes. Call us today to find a location near you. 800-944-8888

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