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4 Strategies to Improve Safety for an Aging Loved One

Senior Home Safety in Washington D.C.

Staying safe is usually a top priority for parents looking after their young children. As those children get older, they most likely face increased risks, especially if they’re a bit wild and without abandon, involved in sports, or do other activities considered ‘risky.’ What many of these same parents fail to consider is the safety of elderly loved ones, including parents moving through their Senior-Home-Safety-in-Washington-D.C.70s and 80s.

To keep an aging loved one safe within the comfort of their home, it’s important to be proactive. Below are four strategies that can improve safety for seniors without a significant investment in a new home or considering other senior care options.

Safety Strategy #1: Improve lighting.

By improving lighting throughout the house, it helps to eliminate shadows that make it difficult to see objects, including bags, that may have been left in or near common walking areas.

Many homes seem to be well lit, but if a single light bulb is out on one side of the room, it can cast shadows that make it difficult for seniors to see clearly. This is exacerbated when those seniors are dealing with any type of vision loss.

Safety Strategy #2: Walk a mile in their shoes.

It’s a good idea to sit down and talk to the elderly individual directly and find out their concerns, but nothing beats being able to walk a mile in another person’s shoes.

How can you walk a mile in their shoes? If they’re having difficulty getting around, throw a large backpack full of books or even bricks over your shoulders, do that for an entire day, and you may get an idea of what it’s like for somebody getting out of bed, walking up and down stairs, or even trying to get down the hallway who has less strength in their legs than they used to.

If the senior has difficulty seeing, wrap some gauze around your eyes and try to function. This can give you better insight into the challenges they face.

Safety Strategy #3: Think about bathroom safety.

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in the entire house. If you look at the bathroom as such, you will probably see a number of ways you can improve safety in just this simple room.

Safety Strategy #4: Talk and listen.

Speak to the elderly individual. Ask about the challenges they face. Ask about their concerns. Then make sure you listen.

It’s easy to get caught up in the idea we know what’s best for our family members, but sometimes our zealousness can overshadow a better perspective.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care in Washington D.C., please call the friendly staff at Philia Care today at 202-607-2525.


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Kira Tewalt

President/Founder at Philia, LLC
Philia is founded and managed by Kira Tewalt (Kira with a long “i”), a working mom. Kira once left a successful position because the location and demands of the job were antithetical to picking up her children from school and driving them to their afterschool activities.

But that is only one factor that motivated her to founding this caregiving business. When she was younger, her grandfather came to live with her. And she saw first hand how our older citizens, our most wise and experienced family and community members, are undervalued in our society. How we sometimes concentrate on caring for the physical needs, but forget their spiritual or emotional needs. And, yet, they aren’t able to attend to their own needs. This can lead to a spiral of depression.

She once dreamed of having a large piece of property where seniors and orphaned youth could live in a mutually beneficial community; and while Philia certainly isn’t that utopia, there exist elements to that dream within Philia.

Philia isn’t just a manifestation of her dream however. Kira has extensive and varied education, experience and accomplishments that provide the foundation for her success as owner of Philia. She has over 20 years of successful financial, program management, and systems engineering experience. She once even helped to turn-around a small company in Bolivia. With an M.B.A. and a Masters of Systems Engineering, she possesses the perfect combination of education for Philia because it provides both the well-rounded business smarts to lead a successful business and the knowledge to build a robust system. What is a business after all, if not a system of systems – various functions, people and technologies, working together towards common goals.

Kira lives in Washington DC with her husband, 2 children, dog and 2 cats. She enjoys spending time with her family and hiking/ running through woods with her dog.

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