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You May Not Have a Problem Helping Mom Bathe, but Does She?

Home Care Options for Seniors in Terrell TX

Home Care Options for SeniorsYour mother has been struggling lately. You’ve noticed it and you’re more than willing to help her. Perhaps she was hospitalized recently and, once she was discharged, it seemed to fall to you to take care of her.

At the time, you never considered home care options. You didn’t have to. After all, since you lived only 15 minutes away from her, it made sense that you were the one to stop by and help her with whatever challenges she was facing.

One of those challenges may be with bathing.

When people begin losing strength in their legs, the simple act of stepping up over a tub surround or into a shower, especially with slick surfaces, becomes almost overwhelming at times. Your mother may not shower or bathe very often because she simply doesn’t feel comfortable or safe in her own home. You’ve offered more than a few times to help her out, but she has either found some excuse to avoid it or has taken on other things until you had to leave.

You might not have a problem with this, but your mother might.

You may not have an issue seeing your mother without any clothes on. You might not have an issue physically supporting her as she gets into and out of the shower. You might not even have a problem helping her bathe.

You see it as an act of love. You’re an adult. You’re mature. You can handle the situation.

That’s all well and good, but how does your mother feel about this particular situation? Is she comfortable with it? You need to ask her and be honest about the assessment. If she seems to waffle with her answer, try to avoid the topic, then that may very well be an indicator she’s not comfortable with this situation.

If you hire a home care aide, or at least talk to her about the prospect of hiring a caregiver, you can give her the option of relying on that professional, experienced caregiver to help her with her bathing or to have her rely on you.

The last thing you want is for her to go without proper hygiene and care, but you also don’t want her putting herself at unnecessary risk trying to get into and out of the shower alone.

Often having an experienced home care aide supporting the senior provides comfort and peace of mind to those elderly individuals who may have difficulty doing some of these tasks alone.

If you or an aging loved one are considering caregivers in Forney, TX, please contact the caring staff at Visiting Angels. Call today: (972) 588-4534.

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William Butler

For 30 years I managed facilities. My first employer was Presbyterian Hospital of Kaufman. This campus began as a 50 bed hospital. During the 12 years I worked there we added a Professional building and increased the bed count to 99 beds. We also added a Building for Trinity Valley Community College to teach nursing. My next employer was El Centro College where I started out managing a 369,374 sq. ft. college campus. Over the years we purchased an office building of 172,156 sq. ft. which we remodeled and moved our nursing program into. In addition to that I was given responsibility for 128,858 sq. ft. where we taught vocational programs. We then designed and built a 34,600 sq. ft. building as a satellite campus and finally I was given responsibility over a 37,888 sq. ft. office building for a grand total of 742,896 sq. ft.

In 2012 while still working at the college my wife of 45 years began to develop Alzheimer’s. She had always expressed the desire to remain in our home if something like this happened. I began to think of the various ways that I could fulfill her wish. After a great deal of deliberation our daughter and I decided that opening a Visiting Angels Franchise would be the best option. In August of 2013 we went to training and came home with a great deal of enthusiasm. We have been up and running for close to two years now and we have helped so many people that have the same desire as my wife. They have many different stories but they all have one thing in common they want to spend their last days in familiar surroundings with the memories of a life time.