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You Noticed Mom’s Memory Challenges Over the Holidays: Could It Be Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer’s Care in Preston Hollow TX

Alzheimer's CareOver the holidays, you had the opportunity to spend some quality time with your mother. She just turned 80 or is somewhere around that age. You’ve worried about a lot of things through the years, but lately she has you concerned about her safety and state of mind.

Perhaps you noticed your mother having difficulty with her memory. You saw her having conversations with different family members, maybe grandchildren, siblings, or others she hasn’t seen in a long time. You would go over and talk to her afterward, asking her what they talked about, and it seemed as though she had no clue what she had just discussed.

Sometimes you noticed her walking down the hall, especially in the evening, and suddenly stop. She seemed lost, confused, uncertain of where she was or where she was going. When you asked her, she laughed it off and made some kind of excuse you didn’t buy.

Could this be Alzheimer’s?

It could be the earliest signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, but it could also be something else. Far too often we, as family members, have a tendency to fear the worst, hope for the best, and then let things go for a while.

As you return to your normal life, your normal routine, following New Year’s, you may have concerns. You may lay awake at night wondering what’s really going on. You want to know.

The only way to truly determine whether or not your mother has developed Alzheimer’s disease, some other form of dementia, or her memory loss is related to something other than those is to encourage her to visit her doctor.

Only a trained, licensed medical professional is capable of diagnosing Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. The memory loss could very well be one of those early signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s, but it could also be related to side effects from prescription medications or some other serious health issue you may not have even thought about.

It might be tempting to ignore it for a while.

Your mother is taking care of herself quite well for the most part, so why rock the boat? You don’t want to deal with this type situation right now. After all, if she has Alzheimer’s disease, and if there is no cure, what difference does it make if she visits her doctor now, in six months, or in a year?

It could make a significant difference. Research has shown that mental stimulation and other mentally taxing activities could have positive effects for those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Also, getting proper care and support early in the disease’s progression can help provide comfort to those dealing with it in the years ahead.

If you or an aging loved one are considering in-home care in Preston Hollow, TX, please contact the caring staff at Assisting Hands of Preston Hollow today at (214) 420-1212.

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Robbie McCullough

Robbie McCullough is a devoted husband, caring father and doting grandfather.A 30 year Financial Services veteran, Robbie has a passion for care giving.Building a home care business has been a lifelong aspiration of his due to his personal life experiences as well as his prior corporate history.

He was actively involved in the care and upbringing of his older sister who was born with Down Syndrome.Although his sister recently passed away, Robbie‘s desire to make a personal impact in his local community has only been further strengthened.

Robbie is truly passionate about giving his clients the very best possible care while allowing them to age gracefully with dignity.