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You May Not Even Realize Caregiver Stress is Taking a Toll on Your Life

Caregiver Stress in Terrell, TX

Caregiver-StressGina gladly stepped up to take on the role of caregiver for her elderly grandmother. After all, she was young, energetic, only working a part-time job a few days a week, and taking a few college classes. Gina and her grandmother have always been close so she was actually looking forward to being the one to help out.

Gina’s grandmother needed help daily getting out of bed, getting dressed, preparing meals, and getting back into bed. She also needed assistance with doing chores around the house, doing laundry, and getting to her doctor’s appointments. Gina thought, “No problem.” She decided to move in with her grandmother and felt her schedule as far as work and school would allow her to take care of all these other things.

After about three weeks of trying to keep up this busy schedule, Gina started to feel a bit tired. Each day was getting harder to maintain such a fast pace of juggling her life and managing her grandmother’s needs. She didn’t even realize that this was the first sign of caregiver stress creeping in.

Gina started to realize that even though she didn’t have classes or work the entire weekend, she didn’t want to go out in her free time. She declined offer after offer to meet up with friends or do other activities. Another sign that caregiver stress is becoming too much is withdrawing from social activities.

By the time two months had gone by, Gina’s life and attitude had completely changed. She no longer felt energetic and vibrant with a love for life. Instead she felt worn out physically and mentally. She called out of work four times in two months and was at risk of being fired. Her grades were also taking a hit as she just didn’t feel like studying.

Another sign that caregiver stress is taking a toll on your life is depression. Gina was already reaching this stage and it’s only been two months. The sad thing is that, like Gina, many caregivers don’t even realize what is happening. They think they are doing their best to stay on top of everything.

Along with all the other changes in Gina’s life, the relationship between her and her grandmother was becoming strained and negative. Another sign of caregiver stress taking control of your life. When you start becoming hostile or short-tempered with the loved one for whom you are providing care, this is a serious problem.

Recognize these signs of caregiver stress and don’t let it ruin your life. There are ways to reduce stress and one of the best ways is to get help. Whether it’s a friend, other relative, neighbor, or professional home care aide, this will be the first step to getting back to looking at life in a more positive way.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care in Terrell, TX, please contact the caring staff at Visiting Angels. Call today: (972) 588-4534.

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William Butler

For 30 years I managed facilities. My first employer was Presbyterian Hospital of Kaufman. This campus began as a 50 bed hospital. During the 12 years I worked there we added a Professional building and increased the bed count to 99 beds. We also added a Building for Trinity Valley Community College to teach nursing. My next employer was El Centro College where I started out managing a 369,374 sq. ft. college campus. Over the years we purchased an office building of 172,156 sq. ft. which we remodeled and moved our nursing program into. In addition to that I was given responsibility for 128,858 sq. ft. where we taught vocational programs. We then designed and built a 34,600 sq. ft. building as a satellite campus and finally I was given responsibility over a 37,888 sq. ft. office building for a grand total of 742,896 sq. ft.

In 2012 while still working at the college my wife of 45 years began to develop Alzheimer’s. She had always expressed the desire to remain in our home if something like this happened. I began to think of the various ways that I could fulfill her wish. After a great deal of deliberation our daughter and I decided that opening a Visiting Angels Franchise would be the best option. In August of 2013 we went to training and came home with a great deal of enthusiasm. We have been up and running for close to two years now and we have helped so many people that have the same desire as my wife. They have many different stories but they all have one thing in common they want to spend their last days in familiar surroundings with the memories of a life time.

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