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Reducing Caregiver Stress Means You Need Care Too

Caregiver Stress in Richmond, VA

Caregiver-StressBeing a caregiver for a loved one who is ill, injured, or disabled might be the noble thing to do but it’s important to realize the stress that comes with this responsibility can become overwhelming very quickly. Caregiver stress is not something to take lightly. Reducing caregiver stress means that you need to take care of yourself too in addition to the love, support, and care you are providing to a loved one.

When you take on the role of a family caregiver, you are helping with the daily tasks of another individual. This varies depending upon the level of assistance the elderly individual needs but most of the time it includes tasks such as bathing, getting dressed, getting into and out of bed, preparing meals, housekeeping, laundry, medication management, transportation, and more.

All of these things by themselves may not seem too hard or that much extra out of your day but if your loved one needs assistance with a few or all of these things, being pressed for time trying to get everything done is going to build up stress. Not only do you have to manage the activities and care in their life but you have responsibilities in your own life as well. You might have a full-time job, several part-time jobs, a family to raise, or other time consuming responsibilities.

Over time, trying to juggle many things at once each day and the feeling like you never get to relax is going to take a toll on you. In order to keep caregiver stress at bay, you need to make time to care for yourself. Even when you think you can’t squeeze a half hour or hour out of each day for yourself, you must do so anyway.

It’s important when being a caregiver that you allow time for yourself to take care of your own needs. This could be going out with friends for coffee or dinner, going to the movies, relaxing with a book, going for a walk, or whatever it is that you enjoyed doing before taking on the role of a family caregiver.

Allowing yourself time to do things you enjoy is going to keep you feeling recharged and fresh. Sure you may still feel stressed at times but having an escape from the caregiver environment is going to do wonders to alleviate that stress. Caring for yourself also means providing better care to your loved one.

Seniors Helping Seniors® in-home services matches seniors who need help with seniors who want to help throughout Short Pump, Glen Allen, the West End of Richmond, Henrico and surrounding areas. We work with you to find a senior who can help meet your personal needs, schedule and personality. We can help out a little or a lot. Interested? Call us today @ 804-476-0092.

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Jan Muscarella

Jan is a native of North Carolina. She received a Bachelor’s degree from North Carolina State University and an MBA from UNC- Chapel Hill. She worked for many years in marketing and communications.

After spending several years helping care for her aging parents in addition to raising two children, Jan decided that she wanted to continue working with senior citizens. Specifically, she wanted to help them maintain their independence and remain in their own homes for as long as they desired. So Jan and her husband Michael opened Seniors Helping Seniors in the West End of Richmond and Henrico County. Through this business, they provide helpful in-home services for seniors who need them, and part-time employment for retirees who are looking for a way to give back to their community.

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