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Long-Term Care Planning for Someone with Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s Care in San Antonio, TX

Alzheimers-CareIt was only two weeks ago when Ronald had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. At 68 years of age, the warning signs had been evident for a couple of years. He had begun to struggle with his memory, forgetting conversations he had just the previous day, missing a few important appointments, and having difficulty keeping track of even the most basic things from time to time.

Even though his family had encouraged him to visit a doctor for proper diagnosis, Ronald had delayed it simply because he thought these memory problems were the natural process of aging. Now that he has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, his family is trying to figure out the best things to do for him now and into the future.

The priority.

Ronald wants to remain home for the rest of his life. He is adamantly against any type of assisted living or nursing home care. His family has no prior experience with Alzheimer’s and simply assumes that at some point in time those options are going to be necessities.

Focusing on long term care planning can help a senior realize their true desires to remain home for the rest of their life. There are a number of things that need to be done in order to properly plan for this new life.

Understand what to expect.

The most important thing when focusing on long term care planning is to understand what to expect when it comes to Alzheimer’s. Getting proper Alzheimer’s care in the form of a home care aide is one of the best aspects of any long-term care plan.

An experienced caregiver, especially somebody who works for an agency, who has worked with other seniors diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, will provide a better foundation that increases the likelihood that Ronald will be able to remain home for the duration of the rest of his life, whether that happens to be seven years, 15, 20, or more.

By relying on the services of an experienced caregiver, a senior with Alzheimer’s will likely be exposed to various benefits, such as working on mental activities that provide the brain some great exercise, staying active, and developing a routine.

When Ronald began working on developing a routine in his life, he didn’t think it was going to be all that important during those latter stages of the disease. He was wrong and in the end Ronald had a higher quality of life much later than he and his family even thought possible at the time of his diagnosis.

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Sam Vesa

Manager and Owner at Pipestone Place Assisted Living
Mr. Samuel Vesa and his wife Elena Vesa are the manager and owners of Pipestone Place Assisted Living. Located in a lovely North Central suburb of San Antonio TX their distinguished fifteen resident, private pay facility provides care for seniors with moderate to advanced stages of Short-Term Memory Loss and other Dementia related illnesses that cause confusion and forgetfulness.
Their compassionate family owned and operated facility is recognized in the local community for the unique quality of care and service. Families often say that after placing their loved one at Pipestone Place they are finally at peace knowing that they can be at home or at work knowing their loved is Safe, Clean and cared for with dignity and respect they deserve.

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