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Winter’s Chill and Alzheimer’s: How Proper Care Matters

Alzheimer’s Care in Arlington VA

Winter has descended upon most of the country. In the southwest there are some intense storms that keep ravaging the area. In the northwest, rain and flooding is a problem. In the north andAlzheimer’s-Care-Arlington-VA along the Northeast, even though it may be a warmer start to winter, it’s not going to last for long. For those who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, proper care is essential, especially during the winter months.

A common concern.

One of the most common concerns people have about loved ones diagnosed with Alzheimer’s is wandering. A person who has been diagnosed with this form of dementia may have a tendency to walk to another room or even leave the house, walk down the street, and become disoriented, not sure about where he is or where he was going.

In the more extreme cases, seniors with Alzheimer’s can be lost. They may have a tendency to try and take a shortcut through the woods, thinking they are in a different year or that they live at a different house. It happens every single year across the United States and during those winter months when the temperatures are extremely cold, it doesn’t take long for someone to begin feeling the effects of hypothermia.

For those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, proper care is essential for many reasons. During the winter, it can mean the difference between somebody innocently wandering off and becoming lost outside and staying safe within the warm comfort of their home.

How to bring up the topic of home care.

For somebody who has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, the signs and symptoms of the disease may not be as significant as some would expect during the middle and later stages of the disease. Still, just because they may only be dealing with limited problems with regard to memory loss at the moment, there is no guarantee they won’t become disoriented and begin wandering off.

By relying on a home care aide, especially somebody who has a great deal of experience, it can provide an increased barrier of safety for the senior. This home care aide can work with the elderly individual, keep track of him, and if he wants to go outside when the weather is conducive, this caregiver may be able to drive him to the store, to visit with a friend, or even to a park.

A home care aide should be considered for anyone with Alzheimer’s, regardless of the time of year. However, winter is an even more important time to consider proper care options.

If you or a loved one are looking for experienced Alzheimer’s care you can depend on in Arlington, VA, contact SenCura at 703-880-2547. Providing in-home senior care in Northern Virginia.

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Cliff Glier

Owner at SenCura
Cliff Glier is the owner of SenCura, a non-medical home care agency located in Northern Virginia.He has been in the industry for over eight years.Prior to that he spent twenty-five years in the life science biotechnology community and was involved in several successful startup companies providing software and optics for the research community.Mr. Glier is a veteran of the United States Navy.

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