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Why Most Seniors Aren’t Thinking about Hospital Readmission Rates

Readmission Rates Galloway NJ

Reduce Hospital Readmission RatesHaving to be hospitalized is not something that you generally on anyone’s wish list. However, there are many reasons for hospitalization. Those reasons and risks can increase as people get older. For seniors, once they have been hospitalized there will usually be a time when they are set to be discharged.

After being discharged from the hospital, the story generally doesn’t end. There will be a recovery process that will likely have to take place at home, at least to some degree. Many seniors aren’t thinking much about hospital readmission rates or finding ways to reduce them; they are more focused on recovering physically and potentially even emotionally.

A hospital readmission is any time somebody has to be readmitted within 30 days of discharge. In some cases, especially for those who have suffered from a stroke, for example, they may have to spend a couple of weeks in a nursing home because of the extensive level of direct medical care that individual will still require.

So why don’t people think about hospital readmission rates?

When somebody has been hospitalized, especially a senior following a stroke, heart attack, or even major surgery, they may be thinking more about things they can no longer do or might have to give up than not having to return to the hospital in the future.

Other seniors may not be as positive as they could be, even though their particular prognosis is for being able to make a full recovery. They may see their age as a major obstacle toward full recovery. As a result, these seniors simply may believe they will have to return to the hospital in the near future, anyway, regardless of what they do.

A hospital readmission is more generally a focus of the federal government, Medicaid, and hospitals themselves. The federal government is placing increased pressure on hospitals to reduce these readmission rates and it has led to better communication between doctors and patients, more information, and better access to various resources.

For anyone who has an elderly loved one in the hospital at the moment, it’s important to make sure they focus on their recovery and not the negative aspects of their life, such as things they can no longer do that they used to enjoy.

When people focus on proper recovery and support at home, it will naturally help to reduce those pesky hospital readmission rates.

Angel Alliance Caregivers of Galloway, NJ is dedicated to helping seniors maintain full, independent lives where they most desire to live: in the comfort of their own homes. Call us at (609) 965-0028.

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