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Declutter Your Life this Year and Feel Less Caregiver Stress

Caregiver Stress in Hermitage PA

The new year is just about upon us and that means an opportunity to start out fresh, change certain things in your life that you’re not happy with, and even improve safety. When you’re a family Caregiver-Stress-Hermitage-PAcaregiver taking care of an aging parent, for example, you may be dealing with a tremendous amount of stress.

This stress can lead to many other issues in life. One of the more common problems that family caregivers face is finding enough time to get everything done throughout the week.

Because of the limited time constraints, certain things have to be neglected. One of the most common things that are overlooked when a family member is taking care of an aging loved one is cleanliness and organization at their own home.

Take some time for yourself.

Even though you might not think you have any time to sit down and relax, it’s necessary to do this every once in a while. In fact, you should be giving yourself some quiet time every single day to unwind, clear your mind, and allow your body to relax, especially before sleep.

While you’re relaxing, it’s a good opportunity to take an assessment of your own personal space. You may notice a couple of bags, boxes, or other items that have been left lying around. Maybe the family room is getting cluttered with coats, socks, books, and other items. Maybe your home office is overloaded with paperwork. The desk could be belching out papers onto the floor.

Whatever the situation, clutter is going to increase stress levels in your life, whether you’re a family caregiver or not.

It’s time to de-clutter.

For 2016, take some time to go through your house, clean out your closets, and de-clutter. This is quite a bit different than spring cleaning because it’s not an overall top to bottom cleaning of your entire house. This is more focused on clearing out your closets and other storage spaces, making sure your living areas, such as the living room and family room, are not overloaded with ‘junk,’ and helping you relax more readily during those evening hours.

When you de-clutter, it will be easier you for you to find things you need when you need them and that can reduce stress.

As a family caregiver, you’re already going to be dealing with a tremendous amount of stress. Find ways to make your own personal living space more comfortable and also consider relying on a home care aide to help out, even if it’s only for one or two days a week.

The staff at CareGivers Plus is available to talk with you and your family about all of your needs. CareGivers Plus provides quality and affordable elderly care in Hermitage, PA and the surrounding areas. Call 724-638-7110 for more information.

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Robert Devine

Owner and Administrator at Caregiver Plus Home Health Care
Robert Devine is Owner and Administrator at Caregivers Plus Home Health Care of Hermitage, PA.

Whether it’s conversation and company, or just eating a meal together, having someone to sit and visit with can help make for a happier, healthier life.

Caregivers Plus has been operating as a locally owned family-operated home care agency in Mercer County since 1994.

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