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Acknowledging Your Loved One Has Alzheimer’s and Developing a Care Plan

Alzheimer’s Care in Greenville SC

One afternoon Cathy received a call from her mother that she and her father needed to discuss something important. Never in Cathy’s wildest dreams did she imagine they were going to tell her that her father has Alzheimer’s and should consider developing a care plan as soon as possible.Alzheimer’s-Care-Greenville-SC

After the state of shock wore off and Cathy was able to process the information, she realized how much more dreadful and shocking it must have been for her parents to receive this diagnosis. Cathy’s father was always a strong, healthy individual who took care of his family and lent a hand to most anyone in need. Now he was the one who was going to need care at home for Alzheimer’s.

Cathy had no idea where to even begin or what she should do. Countless hours on the internet and days of talking to people who have experience, either professionally or personally, dealing with Alzheimer’s care, told her the same thing. Developing a plan, or daily routine, was key to providing quality Alzheimer’s care.

If you know what you need to do each day when providing Alzheimer’s or any form of dementia care, you and your loved one will spend less time being frazzled and be able to make the most of each day. Plan daily activities that will provide meaning.

How to start your plan.

Before Cathy could plan effectively, she needed to know a few things.

·       What does her dad like or dislike to do?

·       What are his strengths and abilities? This will have to change periodically as the Alzheimer’s progresses.

·       What activities or hobbies does her dad take an interest in?

·       What was a typical day like for her dad before he was diagnosed?

·       What times of the day does he function best?

·       What time does he wake up every morning and go to bed at night? This should be consistent on a daily basis.

Writing an Alzheimer’s care plan.

After gathering the answers to the questions above, Cathy was ready to start writing her plan. Different organizers or planners may work better for some than others, but Cathy decided to use a daily planner that allowed her to fill it in hour by hour. This is a great way to plug in activities, appointments, and other tasks.

Not every hour needs to be filled with some type of activity. There should be a good balance of activities, tasks, and rest. Too much activity without a resting period, especially towards evening, could cause the Alzheimer’s patient to become irritated or confused.

One of the most important things to remember when developing a plan for Alzheimer’s care is that you need to be flexible. You may have to make adjustments depending on how your loved one is feeling. It’s okay if you don’t complete everything on the list. At best, it’s a guide to help you make the most of the day, for you as well as your loved one with Alzheimer’s.

The Elder Care Experts at Assisting Angels are available to talk with you about your needs. We provide home care services near Greenville, SC. For more information about senior care services call us at our Laurens office at (864) 715-9211 or Greenville office at (864)-478-8559.

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Carmen Davis

Carmen Davis created Assisting Angels in 2002 to encourage seniors and those with special needs to stay engaged in life, to lessen their isolation, and to assist with tasks of daily living. She was the company’s first caregiver and knew that she wanted to hire people who would provide the same level of detailed loving care that she was personally providing.

Carmen’s passion and inspiration for care giving came from her family. Her grandmother was a caregiver for the disabled for 20 years before retiring. Her aunt has the same story. Her parents were small business owners for years and always encouraged her to open her own business.
After receiving her Bachelor in Arts degree from Presbyterian College, Carmen worked as a staffing coordinator for an employment agency, a customer service representative at a 24 hour call center, and in promotions for an entertainment company.

After early retirement from the last two big companies (they reduced workforces and offered buyout packages), she had the desire and commitment to do “what her mama told her”. She attended Greenville Technical College and received training as a nursing assistant and with the guidance of a consultant opened Assisting Angels.

It turns out “mama knows best“. Operating Assisting Angels is her most gratifying and positive job yet. Carmen feels giving families an alternative to care for loved ones at home is a wonderful gift. She should know since her grandmother who inspired her, is now a client! “My grandmother and the clients we serve are very grateful for the help they receive. It is very rewarding.”

In addition to coordinating care for seniors and the disabled, Carmen acts as an educator in the community helping clients locate resources to help pay for homecare. She participates and supports her local Alzheimer’s Association in their annual Memory Walk and The Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. She is also a current member of the Greenville Upstate Senior Network and is active in the Chamber of Commerce.

Operating a locally owned agency, Carmen’s focus starts and remains with her clients and their families. She goes to great lengths to ensure that “SeniorChecked” caregivers meet and exceed expectations. She believes it’s something only a smaller, family run caregiving agency can offer.

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