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Recovering from a Heart Attack with the Right Support

Reduce Hospital Readmissions in Katy, TX

Senior CareThe moment Nick began having a heart attack, he knew exactly what it was. This was his second heart attack and when he was finally waking up at the hospital the next day, he knew it had been quite a bit more severe than the first one. His body felt completely worn out, doctors and nurses continually came into his room to check the machines and vital statistics, and when he finally got an opportunity to see his family, they were wiping away tears and had the look of serious concern in their eyes.

He knew the recovery from this particular heart attack was going to be a long one, but the last thing he wanted to do was to be readmitted to the hospital in the near future. He didn’t know anything about hospital readmission rates and wasn’t too concerned about reducing them; he wanted to get his heart strong once again so he can get back to the activities he used to enjoy.

After his first heart attack, his wife was basically his primary caregiver. She is taking good care of him, cooking for him, helping him get out of bed in those first days after he was sent home, and more. However, she had passed away a year earlier and he was living alone ever since.

When the doctor came to talk to him about the recovery process, he was discussing support. He kept telling Nick he needed to have the right support system at home when he was discharged. Nick wasn’t exactly sure what this meant or would entail, but he soon learned that relying on a series of caregivers, especially hired through an agency, was going to give him the best chance at making a good recovery. The doctor told him not to have any illusions about the recovery itself. He was going to require medication for the rest of his life, he needed to change his diet, and he needed to get exercise.

He didn’t know the first thing about proper exercise for somebody his age and with his particular health condition. When he talked to his family about what the doctor told him, they recommended he rely on several home care aides, a physical therapist, and maybe even a visiting nurse, at least for the first few weeks.

He thought about it and since he wanted to get back to living his life, he knew that would give him the right level of support to make a world of difference.

The caregivers at Comfort Keepers are available to talk with you and your family about all of your caregiver needs. Comfort Keepers is an elder care agency providing quality and affordable home care in Katy, TX and the surrounding areas. Call (281) 407-0202 for more information.

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Don Lalonde

Prior to opening the West Houston Comfort Keepers office, Carol and Don Lalonde learned firsthand how difficult it can be to find qualified caregivers for seniors and others needing assistance at home. Carol and Don opened the West Houston Comfort Keepers office because they have personally witnessed the difficulty seniors experience as they age and try to remain at home.

They first experienced the need for senior home care services when Don’s father became very ill. His mother attempted to care for Don’s dad, but it was an overwhelming effort. At that time they were not able to find the type of services Comfort Keepers delivers. And shortly after, they experienced similar frustrations when Carol's mother became very ill. They recognize there are comparable situations today where seniors and their families find it difficult to obtain the needed assistance that will allow loved ones to live safely and independently at home.

Carol and Don are integral components in the West Houston, Katy, Bear Creek, Copperfield, Cypress, and Willowbrook communities enabling them to provide assistance to those families needing help with their loved ones.

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