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5 Reasons a Caregiver Improves Safety for the Senior at Home

Senior Home Safety in Greer SC

It’s not easy talking to your aging mother about hiring a caregiver. It can be exceedingly difficult when your mother has asked you to take care of her, especially if you don’t live all that far away. Senior-Home-Safety-Greer-SCBeing a family caregiver is an incredible responsibility and for those who already notice their time is stretched thin, it may not be practical.

When a family member reaches a certain age and is dealing with physical limitations or even health challenges, safety can be affected. Hiring an experienced and professional caregiver through an agency is the best option and it can actually improve safety for the senior at home.

Here are five reasons why that happens to be the case.

Reason #1: An experienced caregiver understands the common risk factors.

There are a number of common risk factors that seniors face while living alone. These risk factors can be different from one person to the next, but as people age, they lose muscle mass and strength. That increases various risks, including slip and fall accidents.

Reason #2: An experienced caregiver can spot hazards more easily.

Somebody who has worked with other seniors is going to be able to spot potential hazards more readily than somebody who has never done this type of work before.

Reason #3: A caregiver can elicit information from the senior that family members can’t.

Some seniors may be concerned about their safety when getting into and out of the shower, for example. However, they may be reluctant to tell their family members, especially adult children, about their concerns because they don’t want those family members volunteering to help them out.

Seniors are often more willing to share their concerns with a professional and experienced caregiver.

Reason #4: A caregiver can offer physical support.

Family caregivers can also provide physical support to their aging loved one, but a home care aide can be there at the same time every single day. This provides the senior knowledge about when somebody will be there to help them out.

When relying on family members to help out, if those family members have busy schedules, the senior may be left to the whims of that schedule. As a result, they may grow weary or tired of waiting and try to do something on their own without support. That can increase the risk of a serious slip and fall accident.

Reason #5: An experienced caregiver can offer recommendations.

An experienced caregiver may note that grab bars can be beneficial in the tub or shower surround. While they won’t be installing them, that recommendation can be more than enough to improve safety for the senior living at home alone.

If you or an aging loved one are considering hiring elderly care services near Greer, SC, contact Heart of the Carolinas Home Care at 864-991-3116.

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Edward Harrison

Edward Harrison founded the Heart of the Carolinas Homecare in 2007 when he saw there was a need for caregivers that provide non-medical home care services, at a price that most people could afford. It was standard in the industry to require hourly minimums and it was common to be assigned a caregiver, not matched with one based on your individual personal needs. Edward understood that to make a successful relationship between caregiver and client, skills were not enough, personality and compatibility plays as much a role as do skills.

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