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4 Bathroom Safety Tips for the Senior Living at Home

Senior Home Safety in Moorestown NJ

As people age, the bathroom becomes more and more of a scary place. There are several reasons why bathrooms are considered one of the most dangerous rooms in the house. Following these Senior-Home-Safety-Moorestown-NJbathroom safety tips can help your elderly loved one find this room a place of relaxation.

Why is the bathroom so dangerous?

Thousands of seniors slip and fall every year in the bathroom. A slip and fall accident in this room can cause serious injuries and even result in death. Statistics state that over 400 people drown in the bathtub every year. Also, some medications can put seniors at a greater risk of falling due to dizzy spells. Limited mobility and balance related issues can also cause the senior to fall.

Consider the surfaces found in most bathrooms which consist of tile, porcelain, or metal. These surfaces can become very slippery when they get wet. There is also a risk of the senior hitting their head on the sink, tub, toilet, floor, or other object causing severe injuries if they slip and can’t maintain their balance.

The following tips will reinforce bathroom safety for the senior living at home.

1. Install grab bars.

Grab bars are different than a towel bar. They are secured to the studs in the wall and are able to support the full weight of a grown adult. A towel bar will most likely not hold up a senior who is bearing their full weight while trying to restore their balance.

Grab bars can be installed in the tub or shower surround to provide the senior some comfort and help them maintain their balance.

A senior with diminished strength, especially in their legs, may find grab bars helpful by the toilet as well. This will support them as they try to lower themselves down to the seat or rise back up to a standing position.

2. This room should be well-lit at night.

Most seniors don’t sleep straight through the night. It is common for them to have to get up and use the bathroom overnight at some point. A well-lit bathroom reduces the risk of the senior becoming disorienting and falling.

3. Use skid proof mats or rugs.

Mats that can slide easily can quickly throw the senior off balance causing them to fall. Make sure they have skid proof mats or rugs with rubber backing.

4. Bath bench.

A bath bench is great for allowing the senior to sit and bathe with minimal risk of falling. Using a handheld showerhead makes this set up most convenient.

You want your loved one to feel safe and comfortable enough that they aren’t afraid of bathing. These bathroom tips are great for improving senior home safety whether they live alone or not.

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Roy Fazio

Roy Fazio is a Partner and Executive Vice President of The Protocall Group of companies, a local family-owned and operated staffing company, comprised of 6 specialty divisions in the South Jersey and Philadelphia areas. He has more than 35 years staffing industry experience.
Roy is very active in the local community and has received many prestigious awards, among them the Community Leader Award from the New Jersey Hospice and Palliative Care Association, the prestigious Pinnacle Award from the Southern New Jersey Chamber of Commerce, and the Circle of Excellence Award from Samaritan Healthcare & Hospice.
Fazio’s community service extends beyond home health care. Nineteen years ago, he developed and still chairs a national trade organization of non-competing independent staffing industry companies to share best practices called ASGroup. He currently serves on the board of Liberty Bell Bank, as well as on the Burlington County Chamber Economic Development Committee and Military Affairs Committee and the Executive Committee of the Atlantic Baseball Confederation Collegiate League. Former affiliations include the board of the Chamber of Commerce of Southern New Jersey and the board of the Homecare Association of America.

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