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3 Signs Mom May Not Be Recovering Properly

Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates in Millstone NJ

Your mom was hospitalized about a month ago following a stroke. At the time you likely experienced a great deal of stress and anxiety while waiting to hear word about her condition. When the Reduce-Hospital-Readmission-Rates-Millstone-NJdoctor finally came out to talk to you and the rest of your family, it became clear that the stroke was not as severe as you feared, but she was going to have certain limitations with regard to physical capabilities and speech going forward into the future.

While the doctor may not have talked about hospital readmission rates or how you can reduce them (or help your mother reduce them), he or she was likely focused on providing the optimal level of information so you and the rest your family could develop the right support system for her when she was discharged and sought sent home.

You didn’t think it was necessary to rely on a home care provider through an agency. Between several family members, friends, and even loving neighbors, your mother was going to have plenty of people stopping in to check on her, help her take care of the house, drive her to appointments, and much more.

However, after a month since her discharge, you worry that her recovery is not moving along as well is it could, or should. Here are three signs that your mother may not actually be recovering properly.

Sign #1: She is withdrawn.

When somebody is depressed and anxious, they have a tendency to withdraw, even from family members and activities they used to enjoy or could readily take part in. If your mother is withdrawing from her loved ones, she may also be withdrawing from physical therapy and not giving her full effort.

Sign #2: She refuses to do things on her own.

At some point in time it will become clear what your mother is physically capable of doing for herself and which things she needs help with. If you notice she’s continuing to ask for help (physical support, for example) for things you know she’s fully capable of, she’s beginning to take advantage of the support system.

This may not be deliberate, but it certainly not helping her recover properly.

Sign #3: She is not achieving milestones.

The doctor may have established certain milestones for the recovery. If those milestone dates continue to pass and she’s not showing signs of achieving those physical capabilities, it’s time to sit down and discuss the prospect of shifting gears. Relying on an experienced caregiver can make a world of difference to the recovery process itself.

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Roy Fazio

Roy Fazio is a Partner and Executive Vice President of The Protocall Group of companies, a local family-owned and operated staffing company, comprised of 6 specialty divisions in the South Jersey and Philadelphia areas. He has more than 35 years staffing industry experience.
Roy is very active in the local community and has received many prestigious awards, among them the Community Leader Award from the New Jersey Hospice and Palliative Care Association, the prestigious Pinnacle Award from the Southern New Jersey Chamber of Commerce, and the Circle of Excellence Award from Samaritan Healthcare & Hospice.
Fazio’s community service extends beyond home health care. Nineteen years ago, he developed and still chairs a national trade organization of non-competing independent staffing industry companies to share best practices called ASGroup. He currently serves on the board of Liberty Bell Bank, as well as on the Burlington County Chamber Economic Development Committee and Military Affairs Committee and the Executive Committee of the Atlantic Baseball Confederation Collegiate League. Former affiliations include the board of the Chamber of Commerce of Southern New Jersey and the board of the Homecare Association of America.

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