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Putting Things Away for the Winter Improves Senior Home Safety

Family Caregiver Tips in Margate NJ

Now that summer is officially over, it’s time to begin thinking about senior home safety for the winter months ahead. This is especially important for seniors who live in the northern parts of theFamily-Caregiver-Tips-Margate-NJ United States. Even in Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico, snow can arrive any time from October through April. Higher up in the mountains that period of time can be extended by quite a bit.

So for those northern climates, it’s a good idea to begin putting things away for winter now. Even though October has just started and the leaves are only just beginning to change color in the Northeast, along the central plains, and other parts of the country, winter’s sting can happen at any moment.

What are some of the things that should be put away for winter?

It’s best to put away outdoor furniture, including plastic chairs, umbrellas, and other items that were used during the summer. The senior may enjoy sitting outside on warmer days or even when it’s cooler, as long as it’s safe. If they do, don’t put away everything, but leave a small table and at least one chair for the elderly individual to enjoy those moments of peace and solitude when it’s nice outside.

It’s also a good idea to begin putting away the air conditioners if they are still in the windows. If they have been taken out and temporary stored in a garage, for example, now is the time to put these in a permanent storage for winter.

Any summer or warm weather related items that are in the house should be packed away and put in the closet, attic, or basement. They should not be left out because with too much clutter, the risk of slip and fall accidents increase.

Falls are the number one cause of accidental death among seniors over the age of 65. The more clutter that exists in any house increases the risk of a slip and fall or tripping accident.

It’s a good idea to begin taking out some winter items as well, including warm blankets, sweat jackets, coats, mittens, hats, scarves, and other such items. These should be stored in a closet in a safe place that is not in the direct path where the senior walks.

When you focus on planning ahead for the winter season, you will undoubtedly improve home safety for any senior, whether they require assistance or not.

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Roy Fazio

Roy Fazio is a Partner and Executive Vice President of The Protocall Group of companies, a local family-owned and operated staffing company, comprised of 6 specialty divisions in the South Jersey and Philadelphia areas. He has more than 35 years staffing industry experience.
Roy is very active in the local community and has received many prestigious awards, among them the Community Leader Award from the New Jersey Hospice and Palliative Care Association, the prestigious Pinnacle Award from the Southern New Jersey Chamber of Commerce, and the Circle of Excellence Award from Samaritan Healthcare & Hospice.
Fazio’s community service extends beyond home health care. Nineteen years ago, he developed and still chairs a national trade organization of non-competing independent staffing industry companies to share best practices called ASGroup. He currently serves on the board of Liberty Bell Bank, as well as on the Burlington County Chamber Economic Development Committee and Military Affairs Committee and the Executive Committee of the Atlantic Baseball Confederation Collegiate League. Former affiliations include the board of the Chamber of Commerce of Southern New Jersey and the board of the Homecare Association of America.