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Understanding the Basics of Caregiver Stress

Caregiver Stress in San Antonio, TX – Learn the Signs of Stress and Burnout, and Solutions for Overcoming Them

A family caregiver is usually a very busy person, rushing from one thing to the next. They take care of people in need, help their family, and hold down a job and so on. Some of the things you might do on a daily basis to help your elderly loved one include bathing, dressing, cooking, shopping, house cleaning, giving medication reminders, paying bills, and more. Most family caregivers aren’t paid for what they do and are referred to as informal caregivers. Usually, it’s an adult child taking care of an elderly parent.

What is caregiver stress?

Also known as senior care stress, it’s the emotional and physical strain involved in caregiving. This stress can take many different forms and may affect one person slightly different than another, but in general terms you may feel:

  • Frustration and anger
  • Easily upset
  • Guilty because you wonder if you should be providing better care despite all you’re doing
  • Exhausted when going to bed
  • Lonely because your social life dwindles away
  • Not able to sleep well despite being very tired
  • Like everything is more challenging than usual

High stress levels can affect your health

When a person goes for too long with the stress building up and not being released in a positive way, there will be mental and physical health repercussions. Some of the things you may notice are:

  • You miss appointments or meeting with people because you forgot or got too busy
  • You don’t get enough sleep
  • You find yourself snacking, often on unhealthy food choices, throughout the day because you don’t have time to sit down to a decent meal
  • You don’t get enough regular physical exercise
  • You often feel sad or constantly worried
  • You are easily irritated and some small things bug you that normally wouldn’t have
  • You may turn to alcohol or drugs as a release
  • You experience frequent headaches, pain in your body or other physical or mental anguish

What can you do to relieve the stress?

Consider speaking to a psychologist or counselor or a mental health professional. They may be able to help you find constructive ways to release stress, organize your life more efficiently, and also get your feelings out and find some solutions to problems. All of the best stress busting solutions require time. For example, regular exercise, more social activities with your friends and more relaxation time. In order to be able to participate in these stress-busting activities, you need more time than you have right now. You should make a plan to hire some professional home care to take care of your senior family member so you can have some time to yourself. This is a very important step in reducing stress and getting your life back on a healthy track.

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Sam Vesa

Manager and Owner at Pipestone Place Assisted Living
Mr. Samuel Vesa and his wife Elena Vesa are the manager and owners of Pipestone Place Assisted Living. Located in a lovely North Central suburb of San Antonio TX their distinguished fifteen resident, private pay facility provides care for seniors with moderate to advanced stages of Short-Term Memory Loss and other Dementia related illnesses that cause confusion and forgetfulness.
Their compassionate family owned and operated facility is recognized in the local community for the unique quality of care and service. Families often say that after placing their loved one at Pipestone Place they are finally at peace knowing that they can be at home or at work knowing their loved is Safe, Clean and cared for with dignity and respect they deserve.

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