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Setting Attainable Caregiver Goals for the New Year

Caregiver Stress in Mt. Laurel, NJ – Start with Small, Realistic Goals to Reduce Your Caregiver Stress

Goals aren’t something you should just set because it’s the end of the year and you want to make big changes in your life; they should be more of a continuous process that is constantly evolving and changing when they are reached.

The mistake a lot of people make is thinking that all goals should be big life changing and crazy ideas. The truth is, the majority of the goals you make should be ways to improve your life and habits to help you accomplish things in life. The New Year can be used as a good starting point though to re-evaluate past goals and set new ones.

How can goals help you relieve caregiver stress? It depends on how you approach the topic. Setting and achieving goals helps you become more efficient, time productive and organized. All these things help to alleviate stress. You can also set specific goals targeting the situations in your life that tend to generate the most stress. Brainstorming about ideas on how to eliminate these stressful situations can bring life-changing results.

In order to help you to think about your goals you will find some helpful guidelines below –

Guidelines for Setting Successful Goals

  1. You should start by thinking back over the last year, paying particular attention to the last 3 months. Make a rough note of the things you want to change, improve or maintain across a wide variety of areas of your life such as Work, Personal Finance, Relationships, Health and Fitness and Personal Life. (These are just examples and can be altered to suit your own life and commitments). These first thoughts will become central to your goals.
  2. Look at the larger ideas of what you want to change, improve or maintain and organize them into separate categories (mentioned above). You can then use these as a starting block to help you think of other goals you want to achieve.
  3. Once you have the rough notes of the things in your life you want to maintain or change, expand these into actual goals with specific qualities, expiration dates and quantities etc.
  4. Now you can start by making each of your goals as actionable as you can; perhaps by asking a mentor for help on changing habits, registering for something that will help you with your goals, buying new books, ask and email friends for recommendations and advice, set calendar reminders, general research etc.
  5. Finally, think about your overall goals and ask yourself questions about them such as – Do your goals really reflect who you are at the moment and who you aim to be?, Do you have time to actually achieve these goals?, Are the goals you have set challenging enough? And are they fun and adventurous enough?

The idea behind the guidelines above is to enable you to properly think through the things you would like in life, setting actionable and clear goals and then organizing yourself so you may successfully achieve them.

If you have a loved one who could benefit from the help of caregivers in Mt. Laurel, NJ, contact the caregivers at Liberty Healthcare Services. We help seniors and their families with many levels of elder care. Call 888-826-9810 for more information.

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Kevin Zepp

Established in 2002, Liberty Healthcare Services was founded on the premise of providing a refreshing healthcare alternative in the home healthcare industry by creating an environment where the client and employee are treated with courtesy, compassion and consideration. Liberty Healthcare Services’ goal is to create and provide a personalized hands-on approach to every aspect of running a traditional homecare provider. LHS strongly believes that the success of any homecare provider begins with its personnel. Liberty Healthcare Services is committed to the recruitment and retention of quality field staff and emphasizes a rigorous screening and hiring process. LHS refuses to send any employees out in the field that are not going to be a fair representation of Liberty Healthcare Services’ mission. Through this process, LHS’ family of caregivers ultimately become just that…family.

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