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Don’t Ignore Potential Signs of Depression for the Veteran Relying on Home Care

Help for Aging Veterans in Cherry Hill, NJ – Learn the Signs of Depression in Seniors

When Carl returned home from the Korean War, many people said he was a different person than when he first joined the Army. He was quieter, more reserved, and less boisterous. He was more prone to angry outbursts and frustration, and then bouts of depression.

As a veteran, he didn’t require much assistance through the years, but when he was a senior, home care became necessary. Things seemed to improve through the years for him, but he was still prone to depression and the caregiver wasn’t really aware of these issues. Carl’s family didn’t want to say anything out of concerns over his privacy and confidentiality.

Even though the caregiver wasn’t told about his tendency to go through bouts of depression, she had experience with her job and noticed some of the common signs of it.

She noticed Carl would go through periods of time when he wouldn’t talk much at all. When she was first hired to work with him, Carl was quite talkative; he seemed to respond to having someone visiting with him on a daily basis. Then, as the weeks turned into months, there were periods of time when he would simply withdraw, not say much of anything, and the caregiver understood he could be dealing with depression.

Another potential sign she paid attention to was his appetite. When he was more depressed, Carl had a tendency to eat less. She didn’t push the issue most times, as long as he didn’t appear to be losing weight, but she made note of it.

Carl’s caregiver also made note of when he would avoid the phone. His adult children would call to check on him every few days, and when he was feeling depressed he had a tendency to not answer their calls.

Because of her extensive experience providing home care for veterans, she knew there was a difference working with them as other elderly individuals. She had to temper her desire to draw Carl out with giving him the time and space he may need to work through his emotional challenges.

Depression can move through a person’s life relatively quickly or it can become anchored. Being aware of the signs can do a great deal to help you, the home care provider for a veteran, keep them safe. If you notice depression building, it may be best to speak your elderly loved one about contacting his or her doctor.

This brief summary of the signs of depression should help you be on alert whenever you’re providing home care for an aging veteran.

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Andrew Dubler

I am the Owner of Home to Stay of Cherry Hill, NJ. Home to Stay is a licensed New Jersey home care agency, providing full service home care support, both live-in and hourly, for elderly and other NJ clients. Services include: light housekeeping, personal care, meal preparation, family respite, errands, etc. In general, a customized plan is designed with the client’s particular situation in mind. We use NJ State Certified Home Health Care Aides.

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