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Responsibilities of a Live in Caregiver (and Where to Draw the Line)

Live-in Care for Seniors in New Jersey – One Son Learns that Live-In Care Providers are There for the Senior’s Benefit

Live-in Care for Seniors in New JerseyJake had been looking out for his aging mother for a number of years by the time he finally discussed live in care for seniors with her. At first, she was reluctant to even consider having a live-in caregiver, mostly because she worried about what might happen with somebody living in her home.

After a while and numerous conversations, Jake managed to convince her to look into this option. He pointed out the numerous benefits that having a live-in caregiver could offer her, especially during the nighttime when she had to get up and use the bathroom but didn’t have assistance getting out of bed and making her way to the facilities.

They interviewed a number of potential caregivers and hired a young woman who had extensive experience as a caregiver. She was personable and friendly, though quiet. During the first few weeks, she was settling in and getting to know Jake’s mother. Jake’s mother had no complaints about this younger woman or the service she was providing.

As Jake would visit his mother on a regular basis to check in on her, he began to point out various things around the house that needed to be done. There were certain issues with the house that were potentially dangerous and needed work done to it. Some of the rooms had been neglected for many years and needed a new coat of paint. Jake was ordering this live-in caregiver to not only clean these rooms thoroughly, but to also paint when she had free time.

This caregiver told Jake that wasn’t part of her responsibility. She wasn’t hired to be a servant to the family nor to do certain home improvement projects. This upset Jake and he got angry with her and told her if she didn’t do her job that he would find somebody else.

The live-in caregiver, because she had experience providing this type of service before, drew the line with light housekeeping, assisting with the laundry, and other basic care needs. She told Jake that live in care for seniors is designed to provide support for the elderly patient at home through the day as well as into the night, but they were not contractors, painters, or maids.

The live-in caregiver was right about the situation. Jake found out the hard way what live-in care for seniors is truly all about. Fortunately for his mother, this caregiver continued working with her for the next two years.

If you or an elderly loved one are considering live-in care for seniors in New Jersey, and the surrounding areas, call the caring staff at Comfort Keepers in Robbinsville NJ at (609) 890-2888.

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Stephanie Howe

Owner at Comfort Keepers of Robbinsville, Monroe Township, Warren, and Toms River in New Jersey
Rich and Stephanie Howe are the owners of 4 Comfort Keepers franchises in central NJ and 1 in Easton, MD. They opened their first office in Hamilton, NJ in 2005 after Stephanie’s personal and professional background in nursing led her down the path of helping people stay in the comfort of their homes. Her father was afflicted with a severe form of Multiple Sclerosis and was put in a long term care facility when he was just 44 years old, after her family realized there were few options for keeping him home. When she was diagnosed herself with the disease in 1998, she knew she didn’t want her family, or anyone else to ever find themselves in a similar situation. Prior to owning Comfort Keepers, the Howe’s owned a construction business, but have found this type of work meets their need to serve others. The Howes are committed to assisting not just the elderly, but anyone needing non medical services in order to continue living safely at home. The Howes reside primarily in Robbinsville, NJ with their 6 children and 2 Golden Retrievers, Henry and Deja, but also have a residence in Easton, MD.

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