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When Bed Rest is Ordered, It’s Time to Listen

Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates in Plano, TX – 3 Points to Focus on for Helping Your Elderly Loved One Avoid a Return Visit to the Hospital

Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates in Plano, TX Spending any amount of time in a hospital is not what most people call a good time. Being hospitalized is usually the direct result of a serious illness, health emergency, or accident. For elderly individuals, there may be numerous reasons why they are spending time in the hospital. It could be the result of surgery, a diagnosis of cancer, heart attack, stroke, or any other issue.

Most of the time when the patient is set to be discharged from the hospital, their doctor might tell them to get a certain amount of rest each day. The main focus is to “not overdo it.” This can mean different things to various people.

What one person sees as “taking it easy,” another person might see it as being too active or aggressive. Not following doctor’s orders, not getting the proper level of bed rest, or not getting the right amount of exercise could lead to spending more time in the hospital.

Any time a patient is discharged, they should focus on finding ways to improve their health, and ultimately reduce hospital readmission rates. That usually happens by following doctor’s orders, but few doctors have gotten into the habit of following up with their patients at home.

If you want to help a loved one or yourself reduce readmission rates after a hospital stay, here are a few a few things you can do.

1. Encourage proper rest. Depending on the reason for the hospitalization, the patient may be ordered to get bed rest for a specific length of time. It might be three days, five days, a week, a month, or even longer. Whatever the doctor has said, those directions should be followed.

2. Focus on exercise. Even 80 something-year-old people who have had a heart attack or stroke should be getting some level of exercise, in most cases. It’s essential to check with the doctor, but a physical therapist may be able to help determine the right level of exercise they should be getting.

3. Focus on a healthy diet. A person who is in his or her 80s may feel that eating right or healthy is a waste of time. It’s not. The type of food that we eat is going to have a direct impact on our overall health and recovery.

Following these tips can help to reduce hospital readmission rates, so if the doctor has ordered bed rest for now, follow that, then get focused on other aspects that can improve health over time.

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Valerie VanBooven RN BSN

Editor in Chief at Approved Senior Network
Valerie is a Registered Nurse and long-term care expert. She has published 4 books on caring for aging adults and is the Editor in Chief of and

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