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When You Feel Alone, Live-In Care for Seniors is There

Live-in Care for Seniors in Oak Park, IL – The Many Benefits of Round-the-Clock Care

Live-in Care for Seniors in Oak Park, IL Being alone is not something most people aspire to be. Sure, spending some time by yourself can be a relief, it can provide you comfort when you’re feeling overwhelmed by certain things, or to just clear your mind, but when you’re a senior and spend most of your time alone, it’s not an easy feeling to overcome.

When you are alone and feel alone in life, you may be at an increased risk of depression and other mental health issues. You could have a difficult time finding activities that keep your interest and might default to watching television all day, putting in one movie after another, and so on.

If you require help with certain activities throughout the day, such as getting dressed, getting into and out of the shower, and so on, you might rely on a home care aide, friends, neighbors, or family members to stop by every so often. That companionship may only last for a few minutes to a couple of hours a day and then you’re back to feeling the full weight of loneliness on your shoulders again.

Live in care for seniors is one possible solution to this feeling you experience. Most people have a tendency to only consider a home care provider when they can no longer take care of themselves in a safe and healthy manner throughout the day and night, but these services are beneficial for numerous other reasons as well.

There are numerous emotional benefits to having a 24-hour home care provider working with you. This individual would be able to provide the level of support and care that you would need, whether it’s during the middle of the night or anytime during the day. They would also be able to assist with meal preparation and other things you need help with.

That could provide a sense of comfort for you, knowing there would be help if and when the need arose. Anxiety is often the result of fear and worry, and that’s not necessary when relying on live in care for seniors.

Most importantly, a 24-hour home care provider would offer emotional support by being somebody to talk to, spend some time with, play games with, and even watch the occasional TV show or movie with. That’s something not enough people consider when thinking about live in caregivers, but once they do, they realize the benefits are far reaching and positive.

If you or your elderly loved one are in need of live-in care for seniors in Oak Park, IL and the surrounding areas, contact Right at Home Oak Park Chicago at (708) 445-6000. We serve the communities of Oak Park, Forest Park, Elmwood Park, Broadview, Galewood, Jefferson Park, Portage Park, Norridge, Harwood Heights and Chicago’s west side.

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Robert Stelletello

Right at Home Oak Park/Chicago is owned and operated by Robert Stelletello. His background includes extensive experience in business, finance, insurance, not for profits and real estate. He has been an owner of Sunshine Care Alzheimer’s Group Homes in Poway, CA for over 20 years and was the Executive Director for Meals on Wheels Chicago as well as being a program manager and creator of the Community Kitchens welfare to work job training program at the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

Robert is married with three children and lives in Wheaton, IL.

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