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Find Out How Getting Fit Can Help Brain Health

Alzheimer’s Care In Barrington, IL

There are so many incredible benefits that getting and staying in shape can have for the average person, and it can also provide numerous benefits for the Alzheimer’s patient. When providing any type of Alzheimer’s care to an elderly individual, there are going to be numerous challenges the caregiver faces, depending on the stage in which the patient is at.Alzheimers Care Barrington IL

So let’s focus on the benefits of getting fit. The Journal of the American Medical Association announced in a research study published in 2008 that a six month exercise program could actually provide some modest levels of improvement for memory related issues.

This is great news for anyone with dementia or a related condition. Memory loss is one of the more common symptoms of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, so anything that has the potential to reduce the loss of those memories would be beneficial for the patient.

One of the main stumbling blocks that people face when it comes to getting fit in their older years is a lack of funds to pay for a personal trainer. Some people also incorrectly assume that an elderly individual should avoid certain types of exercise or other activities. This is simply untrue. People of all ages, even those who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and are receiving care from family members or paid professionals can and should consider getting involved in exercise routines.

What types of exercise should the Alzheimer’s care provider look into?

It’s always a good idea to check with the patient’s doctor or other primary care physician to determine what level of exercise they can partake in. Next, speak to the patient himself or herself about various activities he or she may enjoy doing (or had enjoyed at one time or another during his or her life). This could provide insight into things that can be enticing for them now to do.

Water fitness is a great idea for numerous reasons. It is gentle on the joints and that can be especially beneficial for those who may have arthritis or other joint problems. The motions and exercises are considered low impact, but they will also provide the patient with solid fitness. It can also be beneficial for someone who may have difficulty walking.

Depending on the condition of the Alzheimer’s patient, working out in a local pool or other similar facility could help them to get in shape and that could have some positive effects for mental health in the long run.

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