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Why You being a Caregiver might Add Stress to Your Elderly Loved One’s Life

Family Caregivers Gilbert AZ: Taking on The Role of Caregiver for an Aging Loved One Can Be Stressful on Everyone

The last thing Sally wanted was to place increased pressure or stress on her mother’s life. After the stroke, Sally knew her mother was going to require a caregiver on a regular basis. She didn’t think her mother wanted to work with a stranger, so she decided to take on this role herself.

During the first couple of weeks, Sally noticed her mother getting better with her physical abilities and control. She was also beginning to speak once again.

Sally continue to work with her mother on a regular basis, but she noticed something changing with her mother’s behavior. She was convinced after a few days that her mother’s stress level was increasing as she got better. She was curious about this, considering the fact that she was making strides with regard to improvement in her overall health and well-being.

Her mother was able to begin communicating more effectively with the support of a physical therapist who came to the home three days a week. As she communicated more, Sally began to understand that her being there, being her caregiver, was actually increasing the level of stress her mother experience.

Wanting what’s best for our children.

Her mother was concerned that Sally was giving up too much of her life to take care of her. She knew Sally was a busy woman with an important job and many friends. Yet Sally was spending the majority of her time taking care of her mother during those first several weeks after she was released from the hospital.

Every day Sally stopped by, her mother was feeling guilty and stressed about the situation. She just wanted what was best for her daughter and taking care of her was something she didn’t really want her to focus on.

Not fully understanding what she wanted.

Sally assumed she knew what her mother wanted or needed, but she didn’t get it right all of the time. Sally’s mother was stressed in some regard because she didn’t want to argue or insult her daughter or her efforts, but there were things she needed help with that she didn’t feel comfortable having her daughter do.

Concerns about caregiver stress.

Sally’s mother noticed the change in her behavior over time and recognized it as stress of being a caregiver. This caused Sally’s mother to be even more stressed about the situation.

While people like Sally want what is best for their loved one, sometimes hiring a professional caregiver can be more effective at providing the right level of care for the elderly patient. It can also help to reduce stress not only for the caregiver but for the elderly patient as well.

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